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Autism is a general term for a number of conditions characterized by a neurological developmental disorder that impedes a person’s social and communicative interactions. It is a clinical syndrome characterized by interpersonal and social, linguistic and communication disorders, stereotypical and repetitive behaviors and social skills disorder, and belongs to the autism spectrum.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, or autism for short, is a sequence of syndromes that share a common denominator with classic autism. Today, the DSM-5 includes both classical autism and related syndromes such as Rett syndrome, recurrent autism, Asperger’s and fragile X (in cases of autism) in the spectrum of autism, but does not include pragmatic disorder in social disability.
Autistic continuum disorders are neurological (complex and deliberate disturbances in thinking) and perceptual (initial sensory processing), which sometimes combine developmental delay with developmental failure (with a certain type of autism). About half of autism cases have a hereditary genetic link, but the other half of cases are associated with a new genetic mutation (de novo), but this is not a simple human inheritance, but about three hundred different genes now known to science that may be involved in the phenomenon.

CBD and Autism Sequence Syndrome Treatment:
Over the past decade, more and more parents of children with severe autism, frustrated by the lack of choice, are turning to cannabis treatment (CBD). Many of them have heard anecdotal success stories. Some have read about the positive results of CBD in clinical trials in children with epilepsy. Some refer to CBD as their “last resort”.
There are many parenting blogs and videos on the Internet that guide other parents.
CBD has been known for years in scientific and medical research that CBD has shown promising results in treating a wide range of medical symptoms and conditions, some of which are still considered incurable. The most well-known properties of cannabidiol are the protection of cells in the nervous system, prevention of seizures, suppression of inflammation, sedation and balance of the whole body, as well as its ability to treat anxiety, depression and dependence on opioid drugs.
A comprehensive and large-scale clinical study of autism and CBD has yet to be conducted and there are no confirmed and clear medical findings.
At the same time, there have been a number of small, pioneering clinical trials in this area in recent years, and they are very promising.

The study, which still has many results, was conducted in Israel in 2018-2017, and its results illustrate the link between autism and epilepsy and other symptoms.
This study was led by the director of the Department of Pediatric Neurology at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.
Dr. Adi Aran, who treated 60 children with autism In CBD oil
High daily dose (CBD 20% THC 1%) for 7 months.
After the period of custody, the parents of the children filled out an assessment questionnaire to characterize the condition of their child.
Questions were asked about changes in behavior, levels of anxiety and communication skills.
Here are the results:
80% of parents reported a decrease in problem behavior, while 62% of them reported a significant improvement in their child’s behavior.
50% of children improved their communication skills.
40% reported a decrease in mental stress and anxiety.

A variety of relevant links:

Autism and epilepsy
Less than 2% of the population suffers from epilepsy, but about 33% of people with autism also have epilepsy. This is a very high figure, indicating a clear, although not yet explained, link between autism and epilepsy. The prevailing hypothesis is that abnormal brain development in autistic children causes the formation of pathological neural circuits that cause epileptic seizures.

In 2018 FDA American drug Epidiolax (Epidiolex) For the treatment of epileptic seizures.
This is the first drug containing
CBD Pure, derived from cannabis.

The role of cannabis in the treatment of seizures goes back thousands of years, but it was only recently that scientists proved the efficacy and safety of cannabidiol, and indeed, one of the main effects in the treatment of autism and epilepsy was FDA approval for Epidiolex. The pharyngeal cavity is based on CBD oil (manufactured by the British developer GW Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of two types of epilepsy in children – Derva’s syndrome and Lanox-Gastro syndrome).

An interesting thing happened, and since many people with epileptic seizures also have autistic continuum syndrome, CBD treatments that are designed to calm seizures and cramps have shown improvement in other behavioral measures as well.
Parents who saw an improvement in their children passed the information on to other parents, and a public opinion was formed that asked government ministries dealing with this area to begin a professional exam in this promising direction.

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Safety is another important factor when deciding whether to use any medicine or product.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) agree that CBD “Overall well tolerated and has a good safety profile,” and studies did not find any significant side effects.
Although the study examined and found a high level of safety CBD There may be problems in the use and treatment of children with autism that were not noted in the study. One of the major challenges is determining the exact and appropriate dosage for this unique population.

Please note that manufacturers CBD May try to influence parents and consumers by misrepresenting the medicinal potential of a drug.CBD The result is economic profit.
We are inMY Believe in complete transparency and presentation of the discussion of all its various significant components.
The right of each purchaser to be informed about the safety and effectiveness of the product presented to him at any time, and the obligation of the manufacturer to provide up-to-date information.
Discussions with the family, the child’s own wishes (if possible) and consultations with the attending physician are also important in this process.

Some rules to represent the complexity of the topic:

  • Physicians treating people with autism need to be updated and retrained in the area of ​​the endocannabinoid system and CBD especially.
    This will recognize the fact that many families are eager to try at least one alternative treatment in parallel with the usual treatment.
    Parents are considering talking to their child’s doctor about treatment CBD Can shy away from lack of prior knowledge and negative attitudes.
  • Doctors and carers can begin to develop an impartial relationship with parents by listening to their views on expectations of hospital care.CBD
  • Once the initial confidence has been established, it is worth making a list of phenomena that are objective and measurable compared to those that would be difficult to assess.
  • It is advisable to study together the updated scientific literature on this issue, as well as reports and testimonies from individuals.
  • All dangers, side effects and symptoms that may accompany treatment should be carefully considered.
  • If parents decide to be treated b CBD It is recommended to work with doctors, caregivers, parents and children to develop a common framework of care that is agreed upon by all.
  • Admittedly, there is no clear and unambiguous clinical data on the improvement of autism in children, and existing research is still limited.

– Medical cannabis treatment for adults with autism should be separate from CBD treatment in children, both in terms of the unclear amount of THC in medical cannabis and the age of the patients. They are two different methods of treatment and should not be compared with the aim of strengthening one side or the other.

Summary –
The combination of CBD in the treatment of autism is still relatively new, but already today you can see results from human studies that prove its effectiveness in reducing disorders such as Anxiety, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder Some of these are common among people with autism. Due to the multitude of legal and constitutional concessions made in the past year, especially in the United States and Canada, several new studies of cannabis and cannabidiol are planned, particularly in the treatment of autism.

It is important to remember – because of the great sensitivity, to give medicines to a person with varying degrees of consciousness and functions –
Care must be taken to ensure that this process is carried out responsibly, separating it and remaining transparent to the entire caring and family environment.

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