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CBD usually cannabidiol is a component extracted from the cannabis sativa plant that has no psychotropic effects.

its synthetic extract was discovered in 1942 by the American chemist Rogers Adams.

cBD has medicinal properties, anticonvulsants, anti-dystonic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, promotes sleep and relieves anxiety and panic attacks.

CBD enhances the pain-relieving effects of THC, increasing its duration, but mitigating its effects on heart rate, breathing, and motor coordination.

All of these reasons make CBD an excellent molecule from a therapeutic point of view, and for this reason there is currently a lot of interest.

CBD, as mentioned, comes from the cannabis plant, it is found in a special type of cannabis called cannabis sativa, usually hemp.

Unlike indica, cannabis sativa contains high doses of CBD and very low doses of THC.

Law 242 in this sense aims to regulate the entire cannabis sativa production sector, thus it was possible to have a large quantity of product for the legal extraction of CBD.

for this reason, CBD is always accompanied by a small dose of THC.

However, there are minor exceptions for products that come from laboratory synthesis, a process in which CBD is separated from the rest of the extraction.

the form, obtained in oil or usually crystals, is then sold neat or in a version dissolved in hemp oil.

for this reason, there are only two to three chemical drugs without THC; oil and crystals.

for oils, if you don’t want to take THC, it is important not to buy a full spectrum oil while crystals are always absent.

Synergy between CBD and THC

CBD is a THC antagonist, which means that if you take any drug containing both molecules, the effect will be more controlled.

In fact, it is known that the content of THC in inflorescences has increased greatly recently, reaching significant percentages.

For this reason, many people can be hurt if they repeatedly use THC with occasional side effects.

This is because CBD is not found in most of the phenotypes of high THC cannabis plants.

In fact, the CBD molecule helps cannabis intake, even with a dose of CBD, almost completely eliminates side effects.

those with anxiety are advised not to use indica foods high in THC, but rather to use sativa foods high in CBD.

How to use CBD

There are different foods to take CBD, let’s take a closer look at them.

Zero THC Products

To use CBD without the risk of taking THC, perhaps because of the work, there are 2 products, pure CBD crystals and an oil derived from hemp seeds with added CBD.

these are the only products that do not contain THC and are therefore completely legal, to purchase please contact a retailer who can recommend the ideal product.

CBD oil

CBD oil is a plant-derived oil and an edible oil that usually tastes bitter.

Application and oral sublingual dosages vary from product to product.

Pure CBD Crystals

CBD Crystals are crystals obtained by synthesis, they contain only CBD and can be used in three ways, the recommended dose is 10 mg per day.

  1. Orally under the tongue
  2. through cooking recipes
  3. With temperature controlled evaporators 170 C

Among the methods listed for vaping, the most effective are by far oral ingestion or vaporization.

Whereas with prescription effects, the effects appear 3-4 hours after ingestion.

CBD lotions, creams

There are several CBD creams and lotions, the method of use is simple, applied to the skin to reduce pain and inflammation.

this is the best method when you want to have anti-inflammatory effects on muscles or nerves.

CBD pills

The pill is one of the latest breakthroughs to allow CBD to be taken orally and orally, with effects seen within hours.

CBD combustion products

Of all the foods, by far the most abundant are those derived and less processed from plants; inflorescences, resins, full spectrum oils and finally pollen.

smoking all of these drugs may have the same risks as smoking, so it is recommended that these products only be used through vaporizers to eliminate the risks of smoking.

In addition, by consuming these foods every day, you run the risk of a small dose of THC remaining in your bloodstream, which can be a problem for various tests and for your driver’s license.

Health risk?

The World Health Organization has prepared a scientific study to determine the risks associated with doping substances.

The study found that the health risks associated with CBD are completely absent as it is non-addictive.

il link to scientific research

This does not mean that we should take CBD without moderation, each substance should be adapted for effective use.

Production of products

Currently, CBD is largely derived from Italian and foreign production, governed by European hemp law.

The raw material of Cannabis sativa.L is definitely the key to determining whether a product is good or not.

Many companies like ours have set up regular grows for the production of this material.

These activities need to be distinguished on the basis of their own production, as there is still no clear regulation of the production of financial derivatives.

for this reason, it is important to buy a product whose origin and, above all, the analysis can be verified.

In fact, tests must be done on soils to prevent contamination, as hemp is known to absorb heavy metals.

In addition, the varieties of cannabis grown can vary greatly, and there is a risk of consuming products containing abnormal doses of THC.

All our crops are heavy metal tested and our storage methods prefer a protected and sanitized storage system.

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