A Beginner’s Guide: How To Use CBD Oil

CBD Oil info

Interested in buying oil CBD And not sure which type is right for you? It is very important to know the information before buying a product that suits your needs. Various CBD products offer many benefits and solutions. When buying oil CBD Please note that there are two main products on the market:

  • Pure / insulated oil (INSULATED)

In both products, CBD is the dominant compound, but the molecular composition of the rest of the herbal extract is different. In Paul Spectrum petroleum products, the first extract of the hemp plant leaves an oil that contains 167 active substances (cannabinoids) in minimal amounts, including THC (less than 0.3%). Petroleum products CBD The pure original extract undergoes another process in the laboratory in which the molecule is separated.CBD From the rest of the cannabinoid arc, and it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids.

Which product is better?

Both products are good and effective. Full Spectrum Oil has so far been considered a priority in research for its medicinal properties due to the so-called “entourage effect”, a scientific hypothesis that due to the additional components in the oil that come into contact with CBD and themselves, they produce synergy in their mechanisms of action.
But the second extraction process that pure CBD oil undergoes in no way detracts from the pharmacological properties of cannabidiol. Other studies and individual reports around the world show that pure CBD oil has many benefits as well. More important is the fact that at the moment we can say that the action of each of the products is individual and depends on the type of disease and in combination with other / additional symptoms.

Which way of use / form of consumption is right for me?

The most common and preferred form of consumption for novice consumers is oil to be taken under the tongue. Benefits of Taking CBD Oil:

  • The oil is tasty (according to many) and the taste passes quickly (accidentally and tasteless).
  • The oil is easy to take, it can be consumed anytime, anywhere (recommended in front of a mirror).
  • The oil is fast-acting and effective – it is absorbed through the mucous membranes.
  • The dosage can be easily controlled – each drop contains the exact amount of CBD.

What is the Difference Between 15% CBD Oil and 20% CBD Oil?

Difference Between CBD Oil 15% and CBD Oil 20% Found in the concentration of CBD in the product. There are two important points to consider when choosing a product:

  • The amount of liquid in the product (measured in milliliters)
  • Concentration of CBD in the product (measured in milligrams)

In the final line, we want to know how many CBD In each drop or alternatively how much is each mg worth CBDThis is both the only way to compare prices and the safest way to find the correct and accurate dosage.

for instance:
Bottle 60 Ml in concentration 2000 Mg contains approx.1200 Drops when each drop has about3 Mg CBD. If this bottle rises 750 The price per mg CBD is 0.38 ₪.

Bottle 10 Ml in concentration 2000 Mg contains approx.200 Drops when each drop has about10 Mg CBD. If this bottle rises 550 The price per mg CBD is 0.28 ₪.