Hemp ointments from Cannadorra – 9 frequently asked questions

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1. How did Cannadorra Hemp Ointment come about?

Our hemp ointment was based on traditional homemade recipes. The director of Cannadorra, Andrea, spent a lot of time researching and finally wrote the recipe for an effective cannabis ointment herself.

Hemp ointment consists of marigold and hemp oil, shea butter and natural lanolin.

2. Is hemp ointment suitable for children?

Yes, hemp ointment is great for kids. This is a natural effective ointment that is easy to apply to children’s skin.

3. What is the difference between hemp skin ointment and hemp muscle and joint ointment?

Hemp skin ointment works mainly against skin problems – eczema, dry skin, chapped lips, etc.

While hemp ointment for muscles and joints serves mainly against joint and muscle pain – in addition, it contains chili peppers, so be careful when applying to sore spots – do not apply near the eyes, mucous membranes and groin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after use.

4. What can hemp ointment be used for?

Hemp ointment for the skin can be used for a number of problems:

  • problems caused by dehydration of the skin, such as very dry and itchy spots.
  • allergic skin reactions such as pimples, red patches and hives.
  • dark spots.
  • chapped lips and to care for the delicate skin around the mouth.
  • like a balm on the nose when winding
  • great for treating eczema

Hemp ointment for muscles and joints is especially effective for:

  • problems with momentum and stiffness in muscles, joints, and back
  • for acute problems, injuries, strained muscles, back and neck blockages
  • high performance to support the regeneration of large muscles and joints
  • for chronic back and neck pain


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5. Can I drive a car after applying the ointment?

Certainly. Hemp ointment does not have a psychoactive effect.

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6. How do you check the quality of your ointments?

Each batch of hemp ointments undergoes an analytical analysis in independent accredited laboratories. The ointments are also tested for stability. In addition, each of our employees has this ointment at home, and we conscientiously use it for the whole family. :-).

7. Storage of hemp ointment

It is recommended to store hemp ointments in a dry and dark place :-)

8. What is the advantage of your ointment compared to other hemp ointments?

The advantage of our ointment, of course, lies in its composition - this is a product on 100% natural without any unwanted chemical or petroleum compounds. And, of course, a homemade recipe.

The biggest benefit is the lanolin contained in the ointment, a natural sheep fat that lubricates the skin perfectly. Therefore, our ointment does not contain Vaseline! In addition to hemp oil, it also contains plant extract.

9. What are your experiences with ointments?

In 99.9% of cases, we have really positive experience with hemp ointment - from our clients or from ourselves.

If you have any questions about hemp ointments, feel free to contact us.