TOP 5 shades of cannabis

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Beauty will save the world, and a variety of cannabis colors will save your greenhouse from aesthetic monotony. When your level of skill is already so high that you can determine by one glance at the plant what it lacks for happiness and when it is ready to share fragrant buds with you, it is time to move from the experience gaining stage to a new level – cultivation that is pleasant for the sophisticated grower hemp eyes. In this article, Coffeeshop® is ready to share the secrets of growing cannabis in various colors that will decorate your greenhouse.

What are the colors of cannabis

  1. Violet. The most common option for colored varieties. Purple can be both leaves and stems and the cones themselves. Colored cannabis leaves bring great aesthetic pleasure to the grower, but do not affect the intensity of the smoke. Purple stems sometimes indicate a lack of nutrients. If the strain you purchased should just be green, the appearance of purple hues should alert. Purple cones are the dream of a rastaman aesthete. The intensity of the color will drop after drying, but the joy of growing such beauty will remain!
  2. Pink. This shade can acquire cones, leaves, pistils or trichomes. After drying and processing, the color becomes less noticeable.
  3. Black (more precisely dark blue). Looks very impressive. Black marijuana is worth trying to grow at least once to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the plant.
  4. Blue. It is not the leaves that acquire this shade, but the cones, or rather the trichomes of the plant. As a result, the bushes seem to be covered with frost, shimmering in the sun like precious stones.
  5. Green. Natural and natural color that suits any plant.

Why cannabis changes color

In autumn, the leaves of most plants turn yellow. This is due to the fact that chlorophyll, the substance responsible for the green color, is destroyed in them. This is due to a lack of sunlight and a decrease in temperature.

People noticed this trend and decided to use it for their own purposes. For example, you can artificially reduce the amount of chlorophyll and increase the amount of other substances that are responsible for the color of the plant (as in eggplant, carrots, etc.). After a series of experiments, it turned out that:

  • strengthening the anticyanin pigment makes the plant more blue;
  • antixanthine – white;
  • carotenoids – orange and yellow;
  • lycopene is red.

The different content of these elements in the plant’s gene pool is responsible for the color of cannabis. For the production of colored varieties, breeders select strains with a high content of these compounds and find out the conditions under which the variety reveals its “color” potential most clearly.

Under what conditions does marijuana change color?

The first condition is the presence of genes. If the variety is not disposed to change color, this will not happen. However, if you see that your bush has become somehow suspiciously pale or reddish, although it should not, then the wrong care is to blame.

For those lucky ones who bought cannabis seeds of colored varieties, it will be useful to know how to bring out the full beauty of the purchased plant:

  • Adjust temperature and light period. For many varieties, it is important that it is cold enough at night and warm during the day. This also includes the light period. The color change is most intense at the stage of bud formation – that is, when it starts to get colder outside.
  • Watch the acidity of the soil. Some strains only change color when grown in a more acidic or alkaline environment. Usually the manufacturer indicates this in the recommendations.

Where to Buy Colored Cannabis Seeds

Don’t chase complexity if you don’t feel confident about simple things yet. It is wiser to get your hands on a couple of standard growers first, and only after that start experimenting with acidity, temperature and lighting. However, to stop a person who gravitates towards the beautiful is unforgivable! After all, it is beauty that makes our life richer.

Aesthetics should not be neglected if there is an opportunity to treat yourself not only to a delicious strain, but also to a wonderful spectacle of healthy and unusual grass, gaining strength and beauty under your guidance. To do this, look at our online store of high-quality hemp seeds, which you can buy with delivery of goods to any corner of the World!