5 reasons to choose CBD products

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1. Quality and functionality

If you have previously bought a cheaper product and it did not meet your expectations, do not be disappointed and try Cannadorra! Our products contain a full range of valuable cannabinoids, in particular – natural and high-quality CBD extract. CBD oils from Cannadorra are produced in the Czech Republic in a way (read more below) that guarantees the maximum functionality of the products.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the quality of Cannadorra products is one of the highest in the EU market. This is noted by thousands of satisfied customers from different countries who shared with us and you their experience in using CBD oils.

For all clients, we work daily in consulting support, where we will be happy to advise you to help you choose the right product and dosage, and all this for FREE. We really appreciate our customers and your health!


2. Safe composition

Cannadorra CBD oil or “natural CBD hemp oil” contains minimal or no THC, so all products are safe. Despite this, they can be called full spectrum (with full cannabinoid content – CBG (CBG), CBC, CBN, CBDA) because THC is removed from Cannadorra CBD oils using chromatography, while retaining all other molecules. Cannadorra CBD oils are safe dietary supplements when the above dosage is observed.

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3. Accurate product labeling

Various products on the European market often have inaccurate CBD content labels that make it impossible to determine exactly how much CBD a product actually contains, and unless you are a qualified pharmacist or specialist in the field, it will be difficult for you to find out. This will not happen with Cannadorra products. We always provide clear and accurate CBD content, as well as advanced analyzes of the content of substances in our products. Anyone who looks at the composition of our products will understand at a glance how much CBD they contain and what their dosage is.

In addition, Cannadorra products, unlike some of our competitors, do not carry drug claims on the label, which are highly sanctioned. This is a misleading advertisement, as no medicinal properties or claims can be attributed to this category under the Food Law. Therefore, we recommend that you do not buy food and cosmetics containing questionable medical claims.

4. Registered Dietary Supplement vs. Novel Food

Novel Food is a new and highly relevant topic that requires a detailed understanding in terms of EU law. New foods or new food ingredients (“NA”) are foods for which there is no documented history of consumption prior to May 15, 1997, the date of entry into force of Regulation (EC) No 258/1997 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 1997 on new foods and new food ingredients.

Most of the cheap CBD products on the market are made by C02 extraction, which achieves a maximum of 1.5% CBD at 0.2% THC (the original extract has 15% CBD and 2% THC, but must be diluted to the legal THC limit), and then the products are supplemented with CBD isolate – CBD crystal to achieve the required concentration of CBD in the product, i.e. 5-20%.

Anything containing CBD isolate – CBD crystal (synthetic or obtained by extraction with ethanol) is Novel Food in accordance with EU legislation. No one in the EU has a valid Novel Food registration yet, so it’s important to use products that don’t have CBD isolate added.

CBD oil from Cannadorra is produced as HIGH PURIFIED HEMP DESTILLATE – hemp oil with natural CBD content, so the production method does NOT fall under the Novel Food category and in the Czech Republic properly notified as a dietary supplement.

In addition, they contain the exact recommended dosage – according to ARDf – we recommend taking 1-2 drops per day.

5. Legality and origin of the product

It is very important that the products you buy are legal. Although the distribution of illegal products is of course prohibited, unfortunately there are those who believe that the law is not written for them and produce products that are not legal. These products may be cheaper, but they are not manufactured under the OPL (license for narcotic and psychotropic drugs). If the manufacturer does not have a license, it produces an illegal cannabis extract. Such an extract is classified as a Category 1 drug.

Cheap products are often not traceable, and you certainly have the right to know how any product was made.


If you are already using CBD products or just thinking about buying and are lost in the assortment that has become abundant on the Internet in recent years, carefully study all five points that we have listed here and make sure that the products you want to buy meet all the requirements. to a quality and functional CBD product.

Or you can save your time by opting for certified and safe Cannadorra products 🙂