CBD on holiday: how to take hemp oil abroad during the holidays.

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CBD on holiday: how to take hemp oil abroad during the holidays

CBD oil users usually have a strict routine when it comes to cannabinoids. When planning a vacation abroad, you may be wondering if you can take CBD oil on holiday. Or if your favorite product is available wherever you go. Here’s what you need to know about CBD on vacation.

Daily use of hemp oil

CBD oil is a must for most people who use it to soothe or reduce the symptoms of various diseases. As a result, most users take their oils daily to increase their quality of life.

In general, users of CBD oils have a strict routine and are very picky about the products and brands they use. And this is easy to control when you are at home. Especially when they have easy access to products. But what happens when you plan to go on holiday abroad?

How to take CBD oil on holiday in Europe

The big question for CBD oil users on vacation is “can I get my CBD oil abroad”?

And this is not an easy question. One reason is that it depends on the country you come from and the country you are traveling to. Given that legislation on hemp products, such as cannabidiol-rich oils (CBD), may vary by country.

In general, CBD is legal in most European countries, thanks to the relevant European legislation. But laws may vary from country to country. For example, in the Netherlands it is legal to sell hemp supplements and even provide dosing information. In Belgium, however, CBD oil cannot be ingested. So there, the products are sold only for external use.

So when traveling from one EU country to another, you may be sure to keep a bottle of CBD oil in your luggage. Do not carry it in your hand luggage, as this may attract more attention and may result in delays if customs officers decide to test the oil.

Maximum THC levels in CBD oil

One very important thing to remember is that most countries have set a limit on the concentration of THC a product can contain. This is one of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp and causes euphoria. Hence the fact that it is illegal in most countries of the world. Reliable brands that produce CBD, such as Dutch Natural Healing, sell only 100% legal hemp oils. Other brands, on the other hand, may sell unlabeled oils, which may contain more THC than allowed.

Therefore, it is advisable to always choose a reliable CBD provider, especially when you plan to travel abroad. However, it may not be necessary to travel with the oil in order to consume it while on vacation.

CBD oil availability abroad

That’s because your favorite CBD oil might be available right in the country you’re traveling to! With the exception of countries such as Indonesia, some Arab and African countries, you will probably find hemp oil available wherever you travel. After all, this substance is becoming more and more popular every day. And the number of countries opening up for cannabinoid supplements is rising.

Our first tip would be to search online for CBD oil availability in the country you are traveling to. You can try to order CBD oil online and receive it at the holiday residence.

This blog is for educational purposes only. Please check the laws of the countries you are traveling to when you plan to take hemp supplements while traveling.