Study on the effect of CBD on depression: CBD oil could replace antidepressants

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Study on the effect of CBD on depression: CBD oil could replace antidepressants

An increasing number of people are using CBD to improve their mood and general well-being. In addition to an overwhelming number of testimonies, scientists have now published a report supporting the possible impact of CBD oil on depression. It says it could even replace commonly used antidepressants.

CBD oil and depression, according to scientists

CBD oil is known to have a positive effect on the mental health of millions of users around the world. It helps people cope with all sorts of problems, from occasional mood swings to depression. For a long time, I had only empirical evidence to support these theories. Fortunately, scientists at the University of São Paulo have provided us with scientific evidence to support these claims.

The Brazilian research team published its findings in the journal Neurobiology Molecular. The study shows the action of CBD successfully as an antidepressant in mice. Moreover, researchers report that the effects of cannabinoids have lasted a relatively long time. According to scientists, this suggests that CBD oil could become an important asset in treating depression in the near future.

More energy and less depression

Regular antidepressants are known to be addictive, not always effective, and can be harmful to the body. Cannabidiol is not addictive, nor is it harmful, but it seems to be effective, it has a great potential in this field.

This was proved again in a scientific report published by Leaf Science. The study used mice that are genetically modified to have certain symptoms of depression, including lethargy and immobility. After receiving a dose of CBD, the mice showed increased activity. Furthermore, the researchers found that mice receiving CBD were less sensitive to triggers that could rekindle depressive feelings and behavior.

CBD is a fast-acting antidepressant

CBD seems to act very quickly when it comes to depression. Because the effects described above apparently started within an hour after cannabinoid administration in mice. Later, these effects slowed down, according to the researchers.

According to scientists, this could be the main reason why CBD could become a more effective antidepressant compared to the drugs that are currently on the market. Because many conventional medications that treat depression need at least a week or four – sometimes up to eight weeks – to work. And, as I said earlier, CBD does not offer the side effects that you might experience from regular antidepressants. Including fatigue, insomnia and sexual dysfunction.

Use CBD oil to fight depression

As always, the information in this blog is intended for educational purposes and is not medical advice. So, if you are fighting depression with antidepressants, always talk to your doctor about the possible use of CBD oil. Especially since some antidepressants may interact with this cannabinoid.

That being said, it may be helpful to try CBD oil when you are depressed. Not only are there user testimonials, but scientists also show the potential of cannabidiol to improve your mood.

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