All about Dutch Natural Healing nasal spray

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All about Dutch Natural Healing nasal spray

Nasal spray It is the newest product from the portfolio Dutch Natural Healing. An innovative supplement that offers fresh air thanks to its well-balanced ingredients. But this is it effective alternative method for ingesting the daily dose of cannabinoids? Find out all about the possible benefits of CBD nasal spray in the next article.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Nasal Spray

Dutch Natural Healing has designed and manufactured a wide range of unique cannabinoid supplements. From CBD oils well balanced for daily use, up to CBDactive + soluble in water or a full spectrum CBG oil.

For a product like this CBD nasal spray to fit DNH portfolio, it must be of the highest possible quality.

Improves the airways and stimulates recovery

In the case of this product, there is a balance between the efficiency in unblocking the sinuses and the release of the airways on the one hand and the slight sensation it leaves in the nose on the other hand. After all, a good nasal spray is designed not only to clear the airways, but also to stimulates the recovery of irritated sinuses.

Due to carefully balanced ingredients in this recipe, CBD DNH 10ml nasal spray – 1% (200mg) does just that. After spraying 1-2 puffs in each nostril, the effect becomes evident within 1-5 minutes. As reported by users, this nasal spray is effective in relieving blocked airways and relieving sinus pressure. And this makes it useful in case of cold and more severe upper respiratory tract problems.

More, CBD nasal spray it could also stimulate the recovery of irritated and damaged sinuses. It is helpful for people who have been tested for COVID-19 with a nasal swab, for example. Or in people with (chronic) sinus irritation in general, due to allergic rhinitis or exposure to polluted air.

Inhalation of CBD through the nose

This nasal spray with CBD means more than the relief it brings to the sinuses and nostrils. It can be an easy and effective alternative to ingesting a daily dose of cannabinoids. According to research, the rate of CBD absorption through the nose is about 34-36%, with a delivery time of 10 minutes. In addition, the intranasal use of CBD was shown to be a potential treatment for chronic pain in that particular study.

In addition, there have been numerous studies on one of the first cannabinoid supplements in the world to be approved for medical use. Showing the benefits of intranasal administration of cannabidiol (CBD) – or other cannabinoids – in cases of childhood epilepsy. Obviously, these studies do not guarantee that you will experience the same effects as nasal spray. DNH CBD nasal spray was primarily designed to relieve blockages and recover from irritated airways. Any positive effects felt due to the CBD in this nasal spray are considered a bonus!