Diseases that are treated with marijuana – TOP 10

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In our country, the use of marijuana is considered illegal and something unacceptable. However, in advanced countries it is being closely studied, and its use is being legalized more and more, because science has repeatedly proven its positive effect on the human body. There are many precedents when serious illnesses were cured thanks to marijuana. Therefore, today we will consider the main diseases that are treated with marijuana and try to prove that this plant is actually not as dangerous as it is commonly represented in our country.

Why is marijuana useful?
Despite the obvious skepticism towards marijuana in the CIS countries, some cities and states of the USA, Israel and many other countries prescribe it to their residents free of charge. And the reason for this is quite prosaic – marijuana has a large list of useful substances that can cure even serious diseases or have a positive effect on them.
Naturally, self-medication in this case can also be harmful, therefore it is recommended that your doctor prescribe its use in correctly calculated doses. However, you should not completely exclude the possibility of using cannabis yourself.

Diseases treated with marijuana: TOP-10
As we have already found out, marijuana is not such a terrible evil as it is portrayed in our minds. Scientists have proven that it can help cure many important diseases, which we will discuss below.

Alzheimer’s disease
This disease leads to a violation of the mental activity of a person, which can begin to manifest itself through dementia. This disease is chronic. It begins its development gradually and progresses rather slowly. As a result, such a neurodegenerative disease leads to the complete destruction of the human psyche.
The first symptoms of the disease are manifested in the form of memory loss and cognitive dysfunction. Scientists believe that already in 2050 the number of those susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease will increase by almost 70% (up to 13.8 million people). No cure has yet been found for this disease. But scientists are constantly finding ways to slow down its progressiveness. Cannabis is also on the list. According to the statements of some scientists, cannabinoids will soon become the medicinal components of many drugs.

Epilepsy is included in the list of 4 major neurological diseases. The disease proceeds in the form of a sudden burst of electrical activity in the brain. Studies have shown that cannabidiol, which is part of marijuana, has properties that mitigate this activity. Therefore, it can significantly reduce the number of seizures, and in some cases stop them completely.

Multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis can present as dubious sclerosis or encephalomyelitis. Sometimes it is also called muscle spasm. The disease proceeds in the form of an inflammatory process, when nerve cells begin to be actively affected in the brain and spinal cord. Because of this, the patient begins to experience problems of a physical, psychic and psychic nature. Thanks to cannabinoids TNS you can establish some control over the manifestations of muscle spasms.

Recent observations show that an increasing number of patients suffering from cancers of the skin, lungs, etc. began to take daily small doses of the cannabinoid THC. Previously, this method was tried on dogs at lower doses. The results of the experiment gave a positive result.
Today, some states in the United States may prescribe small doses of cannabis as a pain reliever for cancer, as an appetite stimulant and to treat insomnia, but marijuana has found its most popular use among cancer patients as a safe natural anti-nausea and anti-emetic drug in chemotherapy.

Here one should not confuse such phenomena as substance TNS (it exacerbates symptoms of schizophrenia) and cannabidiol (or CBD) that can heal her. Already in 2012 the magazine Translational Psychiatry published the positive results of a study in which the positive effects of the substance were proven CBD on the treatment of schizophrenia.
It was also mentioned that scientists have begun the second phase of clinical trials, which involved 39 patients at once. 20 of them took CBD, and the remaining 19 patients were prescribed amusulpud. Both cases showed positive dynamics of treatment. The only difference was that patients who took the substance CBDwere subject to fewer side effects.

type 2 diabetes
This type of diabetes suggests insulin dependence in the patient. This disease is metabolic in nature and manifests itself in the form of a constantly elevated level of sugar in a person’s blood. The second type of diabetes differs from the first insulin-dependent type in that at this stage the patient’s body completely stops producing insulin through the pancreas.
In 2013 on the pages of the magazine The American Journal of Medicine a co-authored article by three scientists who conducted an experiment among 4,657 people appeared. Scientists have proven that marijuana can play a key role in controlling blood sugar in patients. The study included both past and current marijuana users. It turned out that the level of their sugar is 16% lower than the average norm. As a result, one pharmaceutical company even created a drug for type 2 diabetics based on marijuana.

Despite the fact that most people believe that smoking marijuana entails lung pathology, published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine research suggests otherwise. Scientists claim that the substance THC may have an anti-inflammatory effect during treatment in an asthmatic.

impotence or erectile dysfunction
The main reason for the development of erectile dysfunction in men lies in the fact that the body increases cholesterol, which reduces pressure inside the blood vessels. This has a negative effect on erectile function.
Magazine Clinical and Developmental Immunologu published data that it is generally accepted that marijuana has a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol levels. It has been clinically proven that cannabinoids reduce the negative effect of hyperpholecystemia (this disease is precisely the cause of erectile dysfunction).

Due to the fact that the main property of marijuana is an analgesic effect, it came in handy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and, accordingly, among patients with arthritis. More precisely, as a drug that can reduce acute pain in this disease. At the same time, the reduction in pain will be faster if marijuana is smoked, and not taken in any other way.
A Canadian consortium conducted relevant studies on cannabinoids, according to which 36% of Canadians living in Canada are accustomed to relieving arthritis pain by smoking marijuana. However, such frequent and unauthorized use of marijuana can lead to addiction and even addiction.

Hepatitis C
This disease is infectious. It negatively affects the liver, affecting it by inducing the hepatitis C virus. One of the institutes in Wyoming was directly studying the medicinal properties of marijuana. As a result of his research, he developed a unique treatment regimen based on “Chunky Crimson“. According to clinical studies, 98.8% of patients were able to recover from hepatitis C.

Naturally, none of the scientists seeks to prove that smoking marijuana is always and necessarily a beneficial process. Nine-year studies related to smoking marijuana have proven its negative impact on the human body in the form of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, rep-upamonic organs. However, the accuracy and representativeness of these studies are questioned by many scientists, which does not negate the fact that cannabis should be used carefully and wisely.
However, the fact that cannabis-derived substances can cure the above diseases is fundamentally changing the attitude towards marijuana and forcing many to reconsider the views on it.