Hemp wedding in Cannadorra

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We really believe in cannabis. In this world, she can change something. All the power of a person is in the human mind and this plant can affect him and cure him. This is what we want to share with everyone.

Andrei founded Zelena Zeme (Cannadorra) to connect the family and help people who want it. In 2014, he met Andrea at the Buddhist monastery Godaganda Temple in Sri Lanka and their shared story began.

Hemp unites them, hemp is their daily bread and water. Zelené Země owner Ondrej and director Andrea deepen their love and connect their lives thanks to her.

They just got married this Tuesday 1.8.2017!!

And we would like to share our happiness with you, so we made a coupon for 18% discount until August 11th.

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With love, Ondrej and Andrea and the Cannadorra team