Cleaning smoking devices

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At the heart of a delicious smoke is the cleaning of smoking pipes and bongs from the tar sediment. Those who have not comprehended this truth will be disappointed – over time, the soot in the device will distort the taste of the product, and all strains will be the same: bitter, with a grassy-earthy-clay flavor. Capturing the subtle flavors of pineapple, blueberry, cheese or haze will be simply impossible, not to mention the harm that such smoking does to the lungs. If you are inclined towards aesthetic, maximally safe use and treat marijuana with respect, then this article is for you.

Information not for the impressionable – the dangers of a dirty bong

Despite the existence of a million recipes for hemp cookies and trendy vaporizers, smoking remains the most common way to consume marijuana. And, as with any smoking, marijuana leaves combustion products as the temperature rises. They settle on the surfaces of your favorite devices, distorting their appearance and the taste of grass.

Comparing smoking from a dirty and clean bong is useless – it’s like eating from someone else’s plate, and used more than once. But the trouble is not only in changing the taste of the strain – smoking from a dirty container is really harmful to your health.

The water in the bong is an ideal environment for the development of microorganisms, including pathogens. Even ordinary drinking water, after a day of inactivity in a leaky container, is covered with the thinnest film – it can be seen through a microscope, and after a couple of days – even with the naked eye. This biofilm, shiny in the sun, is made up of colonies of microbes that thrive on the surface of stagnant water. It is not dangerous in itself, but in the presence of a nutrient medium (hemp oils and marijuana combustion products), microbes begin to multiply with special zeal.

Green slime can be found in especially dirty bongs. It is a mixture of fungi, bacteria, pathogens that grow and glorify their master – the owner of the bong, who is too lazy to clean the vessel.

Pipes, although they do not require the use of water, also accumulate combustion products, which over time will invariably enter the smoker’s lungs. Do not neglect hygiene and use a pipe cleaner after each use of the device.

Achtung! Dirty bong! What to do?

  1. The device must be cleaned after each use. Even if the vessel looks clean on the outside, it will not be superfluous to immerse it in cleaning liquid and go over hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush.

  2. A folk remedy for such manipulations is kitchen salt, baking soda or alcohol. A good solution would be to buy pipe and bong cleaners – they are inexpensive and do an excellent job of dissolving difficult oily compounds. Fill a bong with this mixture or place a tube in it and leave it for a couple of hours. Rinse thoroughly with running water afterwards. It is not necessary to use heavy artillery all the time – it is enough once after 3-5 uses. The rest of the time, rinse the device with an alkaline solution.

  3. Dry your pipe and bong thoroughly. Moisture should not stagnate in the vessel, otherwise a biofilm will form, the dangers of which you already know.

We highly recommend buying bong spare parts made of easy-to-clean materials: glass, metal, ceramics. Wooden devices look old-fashioned, but without proper processing they quickly become unusable – they absorb odors and oils. When choosing wood bong parts, make sure they are covered with a protective layer and well polished.

Plastic devices scratch. Dirt gets into the cracks, which is difficult to remove even with a powerful cleaning agent. So any plastic bulbulator is only a temporary solution, which one day will have to be replaced with a glass or ceramic model.

If you do not know what material to choose, please contact our managers. The attentive Coffeeshop® staff will advise you on the best option for your requirements. And remember: buying a pipe for smoking, a bong and spare parts in Ukraine is completely legal and safe. After all, all these are just cool souvenirs that every free-thinking person will appreciate.