Ghee with hemp – the magic of nature

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You’ve probably heard of ghee, ghee. As well as, probably, about cannabis. But how about connecting them? Have you ever tried it? Hemp ghee is a suitable dietary supplement that can be easily integrated into your diet.

Ghee – what is it?

Ghee, or ghee, is an anhydrous fat obtained from fresh butter. This is a traditional oil used by our grandmothers and is widely used all over the world.

Popular in Europe today Ayurvedic medicine also believes that ghee strengthens the energy source of life, which is the basis of immunity, physical and mental well-being. It maintains a healthy flow of all bodily fluids, strengthens our nerves and our weary mind. By its effects, it enhances the digestive activity, which is so important for the harmonious digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Ghee with hemp – production

Fresh oil with a mixture of hemp grass is cooked over low heat until a translucent layer rises to the surface. The crust is removed, and the golden-green liquid is what we need. The oil is further filtered from tiny pieces of hemp to absolute purity. It is ideal to choose both oil and hemp in bio-quality. Properly prepared ghee, stored in closed containers in a cool, dry place, has a shelf life of several months.

Ghee Butter

Ghee with hemp – what is its magic?

  • Hemp ghee doesn’t change its shape and you don’t need to keep it in the fridge even if you can. However, a cool and dark pantry will also replace the refrigerator. According to some sources, ghee ripens like wine which means that its effects increase over time.
  • It is known that the beneficial substances in hemp, mainly cannabinoids, dissolve in fat. This means that this fact makes ghee an ideal way to take cannabinoids (CBD) naturally.
  • Can withstand even high temperatures, it withstands temperatures up to 250°C, which is more than conventional oils. Heat does not spoil the ghee. It requires only a small amount, compared to vegetable oil or butter.
  • This is where the amazing properties of ghee and positive effects of cannabis.
  • Does not contain lactose.
  • It is easy to include in the menu, you can just spread it on bread and eat it.

Hemp ghee – use

The use of ghee varies. We can put it in sweet porridge, which will give it a hemp and nut flavor. Ghee also softens, so it can be used in the preparation of various vegetable spreads on bread, in sweet desserts, as a good base for stewed vegetables, for baking, frying. It can also be smeared on a variety of cereal tortillas that smell so delicious and good afterwards! It is enough to use a small amount and the result is guaranteed.