How to make hemp milk easily and quickly?

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Hemp milk is the most organic of all

Before we get to the recipe itself, let’s see why you should definitely try cannabis milk – in addition to the amazing nutritional benefits, you’ll find yourself consuming the most organic milk of all. So, you are doing something not only for your body, but even for the whole planet.

The following analysis shows that the relatively newer option in the form of hemp milk is the most environmentally friendly of all milks.

Did you know that one 2018 study estimated that dairy production is responsible for roughly three times the greenhouse gas emissions of plant-based milk?

  • Carbon dioxide

Kilogram of carbon dioxide per liter of milk produced – from 1.14 in Australia to 2.50 in Africa. This is many times more than with milk of plant origin. The contribution to emissions for almond and coconut milk is on average 0.42, for soy milk it is 0.75.

  • Soil load

Milk production typically requires nine times more land than any of the alternative crops. It takes 8.9 square meters to produce 1 liter of cow’s milk annually, compared to 0.8 for oats, 0.7 for soybeans, 0.5 for almonds and 0.3 for rice milk.

  • Water consumption

Cow’s milk consumption is 628 liters for every liter of milk, compared to 371 liters for almonds, 270 liters for rice, 48 liters for oats and 28 liters for soy milk.

You can use the plant in almost any way:

Hemp seeds are processed into butter and milk, or they can be consumed alone as a great TV snack 🙂 The plant itself has a very versatile use. All its parts can be used, for example, as a building material, textile fiber, paper or plastic. The roots grow deep, which improves soil structure and reduces the presence of mold.Hemp creates a lot of shade, which prevents a lot of weeds from growing, which in turn reduces the need for chemicals to remove them. Although dHemp requires more water to grow than soybeans, but less than almonds and dairy products.

How easy is it to make hemp milk?

Hemp milk is easy to make at home too. To do this, you only need two ingredients: hemp seeds and water.


1. Leave the seeds in water for 4-5 hours – this is very important. Then replace the water with 0.5 liters of clean water.

Prigotovlenije Konoplianogo Moloka

2. Then mix the seeds in water with a hand mixer for 3-5 minutes to finely grind the seeds.

Razmolot Konoplianyje Semechky

3. Then strain through a cloth. And it’s done! You can leave it in the refrigerator for a while. Hemp milk can also be used for cooking. Enjoy!

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