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About CBD spray in a nutshell

What are the benefits of using CBD spray?

CBD capsules, CBD vaporization, hemp ointments, CBD oil… There are many ways to use cannabidiol. And now this line is replenished with another novelty with the following advantages.

CBD spray benefits include:

  • Easy application
  • Fast absorption
  • Fresh, pleasant taste
  • High quality

What are the effects of CBD spray?

Because this spray contains CBD, you can expect similar effects to other CBD products. We have written about the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol on numerous occasions. CBD spray is primarily antimicrobial and helps keep your mouth fresh and clean. In this regard, it is an excellent tool for the prevention of respiratory and viral diseases of the respiratory system! At the same time, it is important to remember that CBD is just entering mainstream use, and many of its other effects have yet to be clinically proven.

Professional athlete Dusan Pala testing CBD spray

Dušan Pala (Czech Champion, Vice Czech Champion, European Vice Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA Trainer and former MMA Pro) has been with Cannadorra for a long time and this time we were not surprised when he decided to test our new product. Read his review:

Now let’s move on to a new product that Cannadorra has launched on the market, namely the CBD oral spray. I really liked this oral spray too. The contents of the package is 50 ml, so you can easily carry it in your pocket, backpack, purse.

I was a little afraid that it would have a strong cannabis flavor that might not be for everyone, but as soon as I tried it, I immediately knew that I had not missed (thanks Cannadorra!).

Great feeling of freshness that the mixture gives peppermint, colloidal silver and clove oil... In addition, as a bonus – the CBD mentioned in the name of the product in the amount of 250 mg, which makes the spray unique. I use it instead of mouthwash after every brushing and even during the day it is a great helper for fresh breath.


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When you have an appointment right after lunch or you just want to freshen your breath, instead of candy and gum, just spray two or three times and the result is guaranteed 🙂 This spray is, of course, great antimicrobial agent and 100% natural in its composition. Therefore, I can definitely recommend this spray to just anyone who wants to feel fresh every day and cares about oral care.

With that, I would like to say goodbye and I hope that these lines will serve to try this wonderful hemp product that Cannadorra offers, because for me, CBD and hemp products are the right way and choice to improve your health.

Thank you all for your attention and goodbye again, Dusan Pala.”

Dushan Pala Testiruet KBD Spray

Independent testing with Lucia Kolarzhikova

Luzia is a practicing psychologist specializing in dealing with stress, panic attacks, as well as fostering love and attention to oneself. She runs online therapeutic programs, recording healing meditations, and is the author of the best-selling book Self-Love Tutorial. You can learn more about her work at www.luciekolarikova.cz.

Luzia also works with Cannadorra as she uses CBD in her courses and recommends it to her clients as needed. From time to time we send packages to Lucie with our products, and it was in the last package that she received our new CBD spray. Read her review:

A week ago, I had a wisdom tooth removed, and everything was healing well, but two days ago, my mouth became inflamed with an abundance of pus, which had to be removed surgically, after which I had a drainage tube inserted. ”

We didn’t hesitate to reach out to Lucia wishing her a speedy recovery and recommending her try our CBD spray. The next day, we saw a positive message on her FB profile:

“I have no intention of writing a series of articles about my tooth, but you need to know. Yesterday, Lucia Garabashova from Cannadorra reminded me that their CBD oral spray can quickly help my mouth abscess. Of course, I have it at home, but I completely forgot about it. It contains 250 mg of CBD, colloidal silver and clove oil.

What is the effect? I was completely surprised!

In addition to the spray, I take my prescribed antibiotics, rest, and take pain medication. Nevertheless, I sprayed the spray on the inner wall of the cheek several times in a row, and after an hour the cheek decreased significantly, relief came.

I am very surprised by such a quick pronounced effect, since I have been using CBD for a long time and I did not expect such new sensations. It’s probably a combination with colloidal silver. So now I already have three “antibiotics”, only the last one is natural.

I had to share this, after all, every product from Cannadorra pleasantly surprised me, including this one. Use it for health benefits and enjoy its properties!”

Nezavisimoe Testirovanie S Lyuciej Kolarzhikovoj


Original price before discount€24.00


Price: €20.00


1750 ₽


684.2 ₴