What does CBD bioavailability mean and why is it so important?

Bioavailability – or: The extent to which a substance or other substance is absorbed or made available at a site of physiological activity after administration is the value given in the American Heritage Medical Dictionary. In the continuation of this article, we will analyze and understand the above sentence together.

Bioavailability in a Nutshell

Bioavailability can be considered as degree and measure of absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. In other words, the way CBD is consumed affects its absorption and distribution throughout the body. It is very important! This is a concept that every buyer must understand and by which he must choose products that suit him.


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The way CBD products are used is varied. CBD products can be inhaled, instilled into the mouth, vaporized, applied to the skin, or swallowed. However, the body absorbs CBD in a variety of ways, so a lot depends on exactly how CBD is used. The method you choose will affect how long it takes absorption into the bloodstream and how much CBD is available for that.

Edible gummies and sweets are a popular way to consume CBD. In several studies, the most optimistic bioavailability for this option was around 20%. This means that if someone were to eat 50 mg of CBD gummies, they would probably only absorb about 10 milligrams – 20% of the total dose. This is a fun and easy way to add CBD to your daily routine.

CBD oil tinctures are another common use of CBD. With this method, it is administered sublingually, which means you hold the oil under your tongue for about a minute before swallowing it. Sublingual oil dosing improves bioavailability of CBD because the glands under the tongue absorb it and have a direct route to the bloodstream. Without passing through the digestive system, it allows CBD molecules to quickly enter the bloodstream without prior metabolism in the stomach and liver.

To increase the bioavailability of CBD, it must be consumed directly with fat. In the case of CBD oils, we use hemp oil. However, we do have products where we use coconut oil – why, you ask? It’s simple – with over 80 percent saturated fat, coconut oil has been called “almost perfect hemp carrier” because CBD easily binds to it. It is these fatty acids in coconut oil that create a strong binding factor for cannabinoids, creating a strong elixir that can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to every part of the body. In order for CBD to work properly, it must be absorbed through the intestinal wall. Using CBD Coconut Oil With Other Fats increases its efficiency even three times!




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CBD vaporization has a very effective bioavailability index. Whether you’re vaping herbs or E-liquids. These products are very popular right now and are preferred by many because of how fast they work. When CBD is vaporized, the lungs immediately absorb the compound. Once CBD passes through the lungs, it quickly enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body. Vaporization is fast and an effective method, but not for everyone, as not everyone likes to vaporize and prefer other methods of using CBD.

Understanding the bioavailability of CBD allows consumers to decide what is important to them in a product. If they want a fun and easy way to get CBD, then CBD gummies or chocolates are perfect. If speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance, it is best to use a sublingual oil tincture or vaporization product. This knowledge also helps retailers understand why offering different forms of CBD is important to meet customer demand in their stores.