What is the strategic importance of hemp for the army of the state

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In the 7th century A.D. e. (according to some sources earlier) the Chinese invented gunpowder, which became the driving force behind the development of various types of weapons. Its composition has changed over the years, and today’s cartridges are no longer loaded with a mixture of saltpeter, coal and sulfur, but with complex mixtures that affect the weight of the product, the speed of the bullet and the power of the shot.

Most often, cotton fiber is used as the basis of modern gunpowder. In 1997, Ukrainian scientists found an excellent replacement for him – hemp raw materials, thanks to which the cartridges became lighter, faster and more accurate. This development can safely be called revolutionary – today the military from highly developed countries are eyeing it, wishing to adopt the secret formula of Ukrainian gunpowder.

Special properties of cartridges with hemp powder

Outwardly, cartridges with ordinary and hemp gunpowder are no different. But as soon as you take both products in your hands, the differences will begin to appear.

  1. Cartridge with gunpowder from hemp weighs less.
  2. Lightweight cartridges reduce the weight of the entire magazine, and for soldiers who can be in full uniform for days, this plays a significant role. For example, a magazine with ordinary cartridges weighs up to 500 g, and with cartridges that contain up to 70% hemp gunpowder – no more than 250 g.

  3. The ballistic characteristics of a cartridge with hemp powder are several times higher than analogues.
  4. Hemp cellulose burns several times more actively than cotton (and even peat) and leaves almost no ash. A bullet in a cartridge with such powder flies faster, has an increased speed of movement (instead of the traditional 715 m / s as much as 800 m / s) and flies a greater distance. The rate of fire reaches 650 rounds / min, as opposed to the usual 600.

  5. Hemp powder practically does not get wet.
  6. Such cartridges do not get damp either in warehouses or in the field, plus they are stored longer.

Prospects for the development of the hemp industry for the army

Hemp powder is made from cellulose. Prior to that, it was mined exclusively from cotton, which does not grow in Ukraine. For this reason, finding a domestic analogue of raw cotton was a promising and economically justified enterprise, which was dealt with by the State Institute of Bast Crops of Ukraine.

Approximately 80% of cannabis is hemp fiber, which was previously used to make fabric and paper, in construction and everyday life. This is a huge indicator that only wood can match. Moreover, the cultivation of industrial hemp varieties is extremely cost-effective:

  • The plant practically does not get sick, and because of the specific smell, insects and pests do not eat it.

  • Up to 700 kg of hemp can be harvested from 1 hectare of land. For comparison, no more than 500 kg of sunflower can be harvested from the same territory, which is considered one of the most profitable crops.

Scientists claim that the molecular chain of hemp fibers is the longest and strongest in the world. It is difficult to tear, which makes hemp products better withstand mechanical stress. In ancient times, ropes were made from hemp fibers, but today they are used to create parts of military equipment, machine bodies and are used in the space industry.

Thanks to the revolutionary developments of Ukrainian scientists, many countries seek to buy hemp seeds for industrial and military purposes. The Americans use hemp-based biocomposite materials to build Boeings, the French and Germans to produce luxury cars, and the Ukrainian military uses sights and other equipment made from an alloy of metal with hemp fiber.