CBD and sleep: a real customer testimonial

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Why is sleep so important to the body?

Sleep is a state of rest, physical inactivity, which lasts an average of about 8 hours. During sleep, all body systems are restored, memory is “formed” and the resistance of the immune system increases. However, various external and internal factors can affect the sleep cycle. Short-term insomnia is the most common sleep problem in people of all ages. However, sleep disturbances can persist for a long time, disrupting both daily activities and overall health.

Chronic insomnia can cause serious health problems. The consequences of disturbed sleep can be very catastrophic. For example, those who regularly lack sleep are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease (hypertension, heart attacks, strokes), risk of obesity and diabetes, immunodeficiency, and may also be at risk of mental health problems.

Although insomnia is the most common sleep problem, it is not a disease in itself, but is often a symptom of various medical conditions.

What are the main causes of sleep disorders?

Causes may be different, sometimes insomnia lasts for several days and disappears spontaneously, which may indicate temporary factors such as severe stress or jet lag, as well as unsuitable conditions for rest. Sleep problems can also have other psychological and physical causes, such as:

  • psychological problems: depression, anxiety, chronic stress, mental (bipolar) disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • night shifts at work (or work with excessive workload and responsibilities),
  • alcohol and drinks containing caffeine;
  • physical health problems: respiratory problems, autoimmune diseases (Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease), thyroid disease, urological problems, digestive disorders
  • skin diseases and allergies;
  • women’s problems such as menopause and others;
  • chronic pain of various nature.
  • medicines prescribed by a doctor may not always help and often have many side effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a natural alternative, has already established itself and proven its benefits in many problems, including sleep problems.

How can CBD help with sleep problems?

We have written many times about exactly how CBD can help improve sleep.

The mechanism of action of CBD is as follows: CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many vital functions of the body, such as mood, appetite, sleep, and the regulation of circadian rhythms. The endocannabinoid system is a network of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system – CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoids interact with these receptors and have various therapeutic effects. In terms of effects on sleep, some research suggests that CBD may interact with receptors that affect the sleep/wake cycle.

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In addition, CBD can reduce anxiety, stress, and pain, which can interfere with restful sleep. CBD also helps relieve some of the symptoms that interfere with healthy sleep.

Feedback from our client who had trouble sleeping

One of our clients couldn’t sleep properly for years and the only thing that could help her was CBD oil. A client came to our cannabis clinic to report that she had been suffering from sleep problems for many years and that she did not know what to do. Our expert Pavel Chermak answered her question

Good day,

CBD is a substance that has a pronounced sedative, antipsychotic and antidepressant effect. Including CBD helps to improve the quality of sleep. CBD oil can also be consumed with other soothing herbs – lemon balm, valerian, etc.

How many mg of CBD should be taken in your case is difficult to say, as this is a very individual matter. Therefore, we will start with a lower dose, which we will gradually increase. Apply CBD oil always before using conventional medications. This is because cannabidiol oil for some types of drugs can prevent the active substances from being broken down into metabolites in the liver. This means that over time you will be able to take a smaller dose of your regular medications (which have many side effects) while still producing the same effects.

In your case, I recommend purchasing CBD capsules and CBD hemp tea in addition. You will need to start with one cup of hemp tea, which should be brewed around 6 pm. Use a tablespoon of the herb for a liquid volume of about 300 ml, add 1/4 teaspoon of coconut fat, pour boiling water and leave for about 10-15 minutes to infuse. If you leave the tea longer, it doesn’t matter. Subsequently, dried grass can be used for subsequent brewing.

Then, about 1 hour before bedtime, take 1-2 capsules. If this amount is not enough and the desired effect does not occur within the first 2-3 days, increase the dose of capsules by one capsule after 2-3 days until you reach the amount that will have the desired effect. If necessary, to have an antidepressant effect during the day, you can take a capsule in the morning, ideally 1.5 hours after taking medications if you are taking them.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact again.

Three months later, we received an excellent response:


I want to thank you for the fact that after years I finally fell asleep peacefully. Previously, this was almost impossible for me. In the morning, I finally felt rested. Many thanks!

I no longer take CBD as I can fall asleep on my own.”.

And this is great news! Thank you for this review!

And this is not the only example, we have quite a few more:

I suffer from sleep disorders. I took hemp oil 5% for 1 year and later ordered hemp tea separately. For some time I still could not sleep soundly, but this was no longer comparable to my previous sleep. By the way, my toe osteoarthritis has improved!! General well-being has improved. I recently started using 1 scoop of hemp oil every day. I was told about it by my friend, whom it helps with Parkinson’s disease. The tremor got a little better. In general, I am very satisfied and I think that cannabis is the medicine of the future.


5 / 5

I have sleep and anxiety disorders. I bought 4% hemp tea and drink 1 cup every night… It was very important to me if it would work… but I have to say that I sleep better now and so far my anxiety has not completely disappeared, but now I am better in daily life… I will definitely continue to drink tea…


4 / 5

I have trouble sleeping and feeling anxious. I bought hemp tea with 4% CBD and I drink 1 cup at night. At first I was very skeptical, but I must say that I can finally sleep. Although the anxiety is not completely gone yet, it improves my daily life.


4 / 5

Hello, my experience with cannabis started with a lot of disbelief. Hemp is an herb in general, ie. even products from it, for me, have always meant a drug that distorts reality, is addictive – just a drug. I started homeopathy, so my attitude has changed, but there is still a huge respect for all herbs. So one day I ordered nuts on the Internet and saw hemp with a description – for better sleep and digestion. Why not? Come in handy. Then I’ll try. So I ordered hemp tea with nuts, which was yours, as it turned out. When it happened, gentlemen, it was the smell! And taste! Its godlike. This tea will forever be my favorite tea! I also bought plain hemp oil and add it to my food or just on a spoon. My complete understanding of cannabis then changed forever. Thank you for an amazing website, great products and great information.


5 / 5

Due to my chronic illness, I often suffered from recurring, painless seizures that often occurred at night, and severe sleep disturbance. After taking CBD oil, just at the first sign of these disorders, the cramps improved and finally disappeared, I am very happy

John Friedrick

4.5 / 5

I have seen and heard a lot about CBD oil and its effects on various platforms on the internet, but I didn’t know if it was legal to get it in Germany. I then stumbled upon the Hanf-Gesundheit website through a search engine where I could find out more.

I finally ordered 2% and 5% CBD oil for me and my wife. I was looking for an alternative to creams and tablets because I suffer from neurodermatitis, pollinosis and other allergies, and my wife suffers from osteoarthritis, hay fever and weather-related joint pain.

When the oil arrived, I started taking 2 drops of 2% oil in the morning and evening. After 3-4 days, the first effects were manifested in the improvement of skin areas affected by neurodermatitis. All redness and irritation is gone. Today, these irritations no longer occur and the skin no longer reacts as strongly to certain irritants such as house dust, stress or environmental exposure. The skin is a little dry, which is associated with wet and cold weather. In addition, at night I sleep calmer and more evenly.

Unfortunately my wife wasn’t able to try it because she is still breastfeeding and there is still no real research on how it affects the baby.

I then recommended and am giving my mom 5% oil because she often suffers from joint pains due to her artificial hip joint and also often suffers from prescribed pills for stomach problems and irritated skin.

She got the effects after a few days. Her skin improved, pimples and joint pain disappeared, and she began to sleep more calmly.

Unfortunately, she said that the oil made her sleepy and could only take 1 drop in the morning and 2 drops in the evening before bed.

Then I gave her 2% oil to try. After 4 days she told me that there was no more sleepiness and that she was taking 2-3 drops in the morning and in the evening, but positive results were still showing.

As a family, we are now convinced of the effects of CBD and plan to try other products in the future because it is a healthy alternative to chemicals.


5 / 5

I have a sick husband. He has Parkinson’s disease, plus severe anxiety (depression). It has affected the entire right side of his body and he has severe tremors. I started giving him CBD hemp oil along with hemp tea. (Every time he starts getting depressed I give him drops of CBD hemp oil (about every three hours) and the depression subsides. If it wasn’t for these drops and teas, I don’t know how he got over it, and neither do I. .


5 / 5