What are the mistakes when training cannabis

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When a young grower gets bored just looking at a growing bush, he decides to try his hand at progressive growing and often makes mistakes when training cannabis, leading to poor yields. In this article, we have put together a list of everything that a budding grower can think of but lead to disastrous results. Don’t do it.

Why Train Cannabis

The biggest problem indoors is the static light. Everything else can be defeated: to overtake stagnant air with fans, to adjust the temperature regime, to automate watering. But the lamp, as it hung statically on the ceiling, will continue to hang. In nature, the source of light is constantly changing – the Earth rotates around its axis and the Sun. The plant receives light from all sides (only if nothing blocks it), which means it develops evenly. That is why the vast majority of cannabis training indoors is aimed at compensating for static lighting.

Other training methods help optimize space, such as LST (folding method) or ScrOG (advanced folding method). Well, do not forget about the desire to get more: a generous harvest is the dream of any grower. And to achieve it, you should listen to the following tips.

What not to do in progressive crop production

  • Apply all methods at once. Start manipulations after the appearance of 4-5 floors of leaves, but do everything gradually. For example, with ScrOG, you need to keep the bushes exclusively under the net until at least the second week of flowering. But a nice greenhouse sprawl can hypnotize the grower, who will stop controlling the process, start it and negate the essence of skrog. Errors during the growing season lead to an increase in the period of plant development, and it is extremely difficult to correct them.
  • Water the bush before bending down. This training method is resorted to when they want to form a squat but powerful plant with a large number of colas. The problem is that the cannabis stem structure is porous. After watering, moisture from the roots rises up the stem to the crown, which makes cannabis less pliable. Leave the plant without watering for a day or two before applying stem bend training. The stem will become softer and not break off.
  • Train stressed cannabis bushes. Cannabis stresses include: transplanting, injury, underfilling, overfilling, overfeeding, underfeeding, diseases, pests, being in a room that is too cold or hot, too much or too little humidity – in general, a bunch of everything. And it’s worth adding a load in the form of training to all this, the bush may simply not withstand it: it will slow down growth, get sick or throw off the foliage and not bring a good harvest.
  • Use the Schweisi method until the end of the growing season. Do not remove fan sheets too early. You need to wait until the plant is fully formed and ready to bear fruit. Otherwise, you will slow down growth and reduce yields.
  • Use non-sterile instruments. Get sharp scissors or a blade. Don’t forget to sterilize them before and after work.
  • To think that cannabis can do more than what is indicated in the instructions. Pay attention to the recommendations of the seed banks from which you purchase the plant. If it says “650 g can be collected from a bush”, then this is the maximum that the plant is capable of. It makes sense to purchase seeds in trusted places that give a guarantee, and be sure of the veracity of the information. Coffeeshop® cooperates only with the largest seed banks and offers proven marijuana seeds: wholesale, retail, by the piece – any whim with a guarantee from the manufacturer!