CBD and epilepsy in children: the real story | Cannadorra Russia

How it all began

“… This story is about my girlfriend’s brother from the poor African country of Mozambique. She studied and now works in Europe but is still in very close contact with her family. She has a ten-year-old brother, Malik, who suffers from epilepsy. As a five month old, he already suffered from epileptic seizures, which manifested itself as a strong tremor, as if he was being shocked. Doctors found that Malik had seizures even in his sleep. Doctors prescribed him sodium valproate syrup 100 ml in the morning and in the evening, and since then he has not had a single extremely acute attack. However, the child continued to have frequent milder seizures. He was later diagnosed with West syndrome. Today Malik completely dependent on the care of his mother and will probably be dependent for the rest of his life. At home, his family does not refer to his condition as mentally retarded, handicapped, and similar expressions, but consider him a “special child.”


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“...I have always been rather passively interested in cannabis and its effects on people's health, fortunately I have never had a reason to find out more information because of a specific problem. Ever since I met my girlfriend, I have been reading about the positive effects of CBD on epilepsy and people who thanks to CBD we were able to stop taking our usual medications and start living a normal life. I relayed this information through a friend to Malik's mom, who eventually decided it was worth checking out. For Christmas 2019, we went on a visit to Mozambique and brought with us several bottles of 5% hemp oil. Unfortunately, we did not bring auxiliary products, such as tea with CBD and others. We ourselves don't know how Mozambique actually treats CBD as a hemp product from a legal standpoint, and we really didn't want to have any problems with the law of that country."

Year of CBD intake

“We started using 5% CBD oil in February 2023, dosing 1 drop under the tongue in the morning and 1 in the evening. After four days, the dose is increased to 2 drops. Two days later, it was increased to 3 drops. At the same time, the doses of the medicated syrup were reduced to 80 ml. Over the following weeks, the syrup dose continued to be gradually reduced by 10 ml while the CBD dose was still maintained at 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening. For 50 ml of syrup, Malik's mother stopped reducing his dosage. Mostly because of the fear that she will run out of CBD oil and then have to start giving a full dose of syrup again. Treatment continued until July 2023. During this time, she began to notice changes in her son's well-being: the child began to talk much more and respond better to the environment. Some complex words and phrases that he had not used before, he now began to pronounce freely, as well as answer difficult questions, and respond more actively to stimuli.

Later, we brought additional bottles of CBD to Malik in Mozambique. This time we bought CBD hemp oil 10% with the condition that eventually we will reduce the doses in proportion to the concentration. Subsequently, the dose was increased to 4 drops in the morning and 4 drops in the evening for the initial 5%. Switching to 10% drops, we began to give 2 drops in the morning and 2 in the evening. The dose of the main drug was gradually reduced.

In January 2023, the syrup dosage was 30 ml and the dosage of 10% CBD oil was 2 drops in the morning and 2 in the evening. Malik's seizures during the time of taking CBD significantly weakened in manifestations, and gradually decreased to a minimum - to a slight tremor for about 5 minutes, no more symptoms were observed. In the past, seizures were more frequent and, most importantly, longer. From this point of view alone, there has been tremendous progress in the use of CBD. The second aspect is the dynamics in improving brain activity and perception of the child as a whole. During the use of heavy drugs, the boy's vocabulary was very small, and he quite often made various sounds and muttered. Sometimes it seemed that he had his own language in his head that no one around understood, and he was having a very passionate conversation with himself. WITH from the moment he started taking CBD and significantly reduced the doses of the syrup, his vocabulary expanded significantly. Now the boy can answer questions and communicate easily with others. A friend even taught him to sing various tunes during his last visit. Now he's mocking me that even Malik can sing better than me."

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What does a child's life look like now?

"...The quality of life of the child has improved significantly. He did not become a political speaker and will probably never be like a normal kid, he is still a "special kid". But his reactions to surrounding stimuli increased significantly. Sometimes mom joked that he talks too much and that he will probably start giving him syrup again :)”.

Under our standard conditions, a full transition to CBD would certainly be possible much faster. Malik's mother does not want to rush things for two main reasons: 1) she now needs to ensure a reliable supply of CBD. It is currently being tested whether it is possible and safe to ship CBD from South Africa in the event that supplies from Europe run out. 2) Mom wants to first consult a doctor to completely stop the main drugs. This has more to do with preventing possible problems in further orders of essential medicines if they are ever needed again. For us in Europe, all these reasons are somewhat difficult to imagine, but in Africa it can happen that if a person refuses medicines, then, subsequently, he may not be able to get them again.

So, this is the story of a little boy with epilepsy who is given a chance for a better life by CBD. My grandmother is starting to develop Alzheimer's, for which CBD can also have good effects. And I believe that this will happen, even if it is used only as an additional body support.

Thank you and have a nice day, Tomasz