marijuana stimulates the appetite

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Previously, it was believed that the effect of cannabis on appetite is unequivocal: the herb “turns off” the receptors that signal the brain about satiety, which is why the stoner loses count of what he has eaten. However, the mechanism of action of cannabis is more complicated, which is why it can be used not only to combat loss of appetite, but also for weight loss. Coffeeshop® offers to understand how marijuana affects digestion in general and whether it is possible to smoke without overeating.

Yale study on the effect of marijuana on appetite

The heroes of this experiment were laboratory mice. Scientists have injected chemicals into their bodies that have an effect similar to smoking marijuana. It turned out that cannabis has a huge effect on olfactory receptors. Mice reacted intensely to odors, even those that in the normal state were of little interest to them.

Weed also changes the activity of certain neurons in the brain. The mouse really “forgets” about the feeling of fullness and is able to eat more than usual. Confirmation that marijuana “rewires” the work of some neurons, pushes the idea that cannabis can be used to combat nausea, loss of appetite in patients with HIV, with severe bulimia, after chemotherapy (indifference, and sometimes even disgust, is characteristic of all these conditions). to food).

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The effect of marijuana on digestion

Marijuana has a significant effect on the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the digestive tract. CB1 activity increases intestinal motility and regulates acidity in the stomach. By activating this receptor, marijuana stimulates appetite.

In the case of inflammatory diseases, the use of cannabis activates the second group of prescriptions – CB2. They “awaken” the immune system and help fight irritable bowel syndrome in the most natural way.

How not to overeat after marijuana

Some studies show that cannabis can help you lose weight. Experiments of this kind cannot be called “clean”: the subjects are initially in different conditions, experience various physical ailments (someone is healthy, and someone drinks drugs), and they take different strains of cannabis. Despite the fact that the experiment does not yet give clear information, it is really possible to control weight with the help of marijuana if you learn not to overeat after use. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Do not smoke at night. The strongest appetite wakes up at the first experience, as well as when using certain strains. If you know for sure that the acquired strain awakens the appetite, it is better to postpone it for the first half of the day.

  • Not to starve. Smoking on an empty stomach is bound to lead to a brutal appetite. This can cause heaviness in the stomach and significantly spoil the impression of a good strain.

  • Give preference to light snacks. If someone is trying Mary Jane flowers for the first time, you should take care of the availability of simple and low-calorie snacks: fruits, nuts, seeds. The latter are ideal for this – they are quite satisfying, they have to be eaten for a long time, which is why you can satisfy your hunger evenly and not overeat.

Every day there is more and more knowledge about the positive effects of cannabis on the body. Modern stoners do not have to smoke for the sake of one fact – this process can be made part of a fulfilling happy life. With the help of cannabis, it is possible to alleviate the condition of physical and psychological ailments, help yourself during stress, improve communication skills and much more. That is why the struggle of adherents of marijuana use against the stereotypes of society is only becoming more active.

Coffeeshop® does not encourage the use of marijuana in Ukraine and other countries where it is prohibited by law. But for those lucky ones who can afford such relaxation without alcohol, drugs and other substances hazardous to health, we offer the opportunity to buy seeds and everything for cannabis in our seed shop with prompt shipment around the globe.