How to properly dose CBD oil?

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Correct dosage is the basis of success

In order for everything to work as it should, it is very important to determine the correct dosage and take CBD products as recommended.

For achievement maximum efficiency It is important to remember these key points:

  • Regularity – Take CBD regularly, preferably at the same time. If you only use CBD once a week, it won’t have the same effect as if you took it daily at the same time.
  • Duration of administration or “accumulative effect” – when taking CBD, you cannot expect it to work immediately – it is a natural dietary supplement that requires regularity and duration of use. Even if you suddenly have a health problem that prompts you to immediately decide to use CBD (e.g. sudden fears, migraines), it is recommended to start taking it in advance, and if problems arise, gradually increase the dosage.
  • Determining the correct dose is absolutely key. Each person is individual, and something different suits him, so there is no formula that would suit everyone. You should keep “testing” until you feel the desired effect, then you will realize that there is no need to change the dosage in subsequent doses.
  • Correct use – a very important point. But what is the right way to use CBD? Each product is slightly different, today we will talk about the correct use of CBD oil.

How to use CBD oil correctly?

In terms of dosage, we always recommend using less CBD. Start at a low dosage and gradually (e.g. every 5 days) increase drop by drop until the desired result is achieved (if you continue to increase and nothing happens, we recommend contacting us, you may not have chosen the right product… so it is advisable to contact us consult).

Kak Pravilno Ispolzovat KBD Oil

Three key points in dosing CBD oil:

  • use oil at least 30 minutes before meals.
  • drip under the tongue, wait 60 seconds, then swallow.
  • Accept at least an hour before bedtime.

How many drops are in the pipette?

How to know what is 1 or 2 drops of CBD oil? We made a photo instruction of what a pipette with 1 or several drops looks like. Just one pipette contains about 20 drops of CBD….. But don’t worry, if you put 3 drops instead of 2, nothing will happen.

1 Kaplia Kbd Oil

1 drop of CBD oil

10 Capel Kbd Oils

10 drops of CBD oil

Celaia Pipetka Kbd Masla

Approximately 20 drops of CBD oil

How many mg of CBD is in 1 drop?

It always depends on the % CBD content in the oil.

If you want to learn more about the content of CBD drops, use our CBD dosage calculator.

Calculate your daily CBD intake

Is the dosage of CBD oil not right for you?

CBD oil is not one of the easiest products to dose, but it is still the most popular CBD product with a wide range of cannabinoids. CBD drops should be stored in dark bottles to preserve the quality of the oil.

If you are looking for a product with a lighter dosage, try CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Capsules or CBD Spray!

Remember to combine products for maximum effect.

Did you know that combining hemp products maximizes the potential effect of cannabinoids? So if you are taking CBD oil, try taking CBD hemp tea with it and you will be pleasantly surprised. We often recommend the combination of CBG + CBD oils – this is definitely worth a try!

Consultation – we will be happy to advise you

If you are in any doubt, rely on us. We will be happy to advise you!