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Am I Pregnant Thanks to CBD Hemp Oil?!
Read my story – all disappointments and surprises

CBD hemp oil – introduction

The fact that I would have great difficulty conceiving, I have known for a long time. Already exactly 15 years – from the first menstruation. The gynecologist diagnosed me with polycystic ovary syndrome – multiple cysts on the ovaries. I did not pay attention to it and was not treated. At the age of 12, I, like other girls my age, were busy with other “concerns”.

So I started taking GC (hormonal contraception). For preventive purposes, to keep the female body working the way it should… Doctors need to hear about it. However, I only took one pill EVERY DAY as scheduled for the first couple of years. I started it so to speak “lazy.” Sometimes I drank two, and sometimes I skipped it altogether.

Thoughts about a child and that I really want to become a MOM appeared when I was 18-19 years old, and I lived with an older guy. V uhthat time i and remembered the words of the gynecologist, whichand I spoke about the difficulties earlier. It struck me how vividly I remembered her words. Fortunately, at that time it remained only at the level of thought and idea. I was still taking birth control, the girls at the university were jealous of me that I had almost no periods, and I did not feel strange. The solution again was the hormonal concept. Doctors still did not offer other solutions for the treatment of PCOS (and probably will not be for a long time – hormonal contraception is still big business, isn’t it?!).

Turn – return back to nature

For about a few months, almost a year, I decided to stop taking HA altogether. Of course, I almost never experienced major bleeding. I did not pay attention to it – on the contrary, it is quite comfortable 🙂 The only problem was that “somewhere something someone” said that it was not correct.

CBD oil – helpand me?

At that time, I was already aware of CBD-enriched hemp oil, as it caused a big boom abroad (I lived for several years in Germany and Canada). In autumn, I regularly started taking 2% CBD hemp oil (at the beginning 2-3 drops in the evening), later in the same dose 2 times a day. I ended up with 2 drops in the morning and 4 drops in the evening. When I finished drinking 2% oil, I ordered 5% (2 drops in the morning and 3 in the evening dripped under my tongue).

Something happened that I didn’t expect. First month – and I “got it (menstruation)”! For the first time after many years without artificially supplied hormones. Wow! The second month, the same … In the end, I knew 2 days in advance that “they would come.” I felt great. I bought women’s hygiene products for a promotion, shared my joy with others 🙂 I felt as good as never before. Anyone who hasn’t experienced it will never understand…

CBD oil – my initial disappointmentsI am and surprisepositive moments

My excitement only lasted two months. The third month I was glad that once again everything went as it should … But then nothing happened AT ALL. After a week, two weeks … I continued to drink CBD drops – my sleep became better and it was easier to cope with stress. In addition, cannabidiol helps prevent other civilizational diseases by providing an anti-inflammatory effect.

2 weeks during the day at work! I had to rest several times, and when I was already at home, even lie down for a half-hour sleep during the day. It wasn’t me!
When nausea added to the symptoms, I took a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test positive!

An examination by a gynecologist confirmed the pregnancy and I can only laugh at how angry I was that my female processes stopped working again. I was already at 9 weeks.

tehotna konopi

Gradually, more and more nausea, vomiting and fatigue begin to happen to me, of course.

And although this rather small fetus that now lives in my tummy is not completely planned, her father and I are already looking forward to it.

Read detailed studies on the effects of medical cannabis during pregnancy:

Magazine “Obstetrics & Gynecology» September 2016 published an article on the effect of hemp during pregnancy on the fetus: data from 130,000 pregnant women were analyzed. The results are also published in the journalPediatrics»

Also back in 2013 in the magazine “reproduction» published study “Cannabidiol promotes healthy development of the placenta. Positive pregnancy outcomes”, which was also published online US National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Health).