New Gallup Poll: 14% of Americans Use CBD

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New Gallup Poll: 14% of Americans Use CBD

The Gallup Institute is a long-standing think tank and advisory board based in Washington, DC.

It may have taken almost a century for the cannabis ban to be lifted, but it only took a few years for the world to fall in love with cannabidiol (CBD). It has even been a whole year since a non-psychoactive member of the cannabis family was declassified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

Now, the Gallup Report estimates that one in seven Americans use some form of cbd product. Let’s take a closer look at what Gallup learned about the 14% of Americans who use CBD.

By the end of 2018, the amended Farm Bill was signed into law in the United States. Under this legislation, hemp products became available from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Due to increased availability, CBD products are projected to reach the $22 billion turnover mark by 2023. Naturally, these numbers caught the eye of Gallup, prompting experts to conduct a survey on CBD use in America.

This study was conducted from June 19, 2019 to July 27, 2019. 2,500 adults voluntarily participated in telephone interviews with analysts. These discussions covered a wide range of topics related to the CBD industry.

Who uses CBD the most?

All age demographics use CBD in some way! Currently, the biggest supporter of CBD is the generation that has worked hard to lift the ban. Almost 20% of the respondents were between the ages of 18 and 29.

As the population ages, the number of people who use CBD has decreased. 16% of adults aged 30 to 49 said they used CBD, while 11% of people aged 50 to 64 also enjoyed the benefits of CBD. Finally, only 8% of seniors over 65 have turned to cannabis products.

While older people seem to use the least amount of CBD, they are, interestingly, much more educated than other age groups. Only 42% of seniors surveyed said they were unaware of CBD. These numbers are compared to 52% of respondents in the 50-64 and 30-49 age groups who claim to know little about CBD. It’s funny that the age group that knew the least about CBD was between the ages of 18 and 29. 54% of them said they were not familiar with CBD products.

What do people use CBD for?

Not only did Gallup figure out who uses CBD and where they live, the analysts also figured out why people are turning to cannabis in the first place. The vast majority of people use CBD products to help manage pain. 40% of people said pain management was their main reason for switching to cannabis products.

anxiety came in a distant second, gaining 20% ​​of the vote. However, finding alternative ways to cope with mental disorders is still a priority for CBD users. That’s why it’s still pretty much ahead of the third reason most people use CBD.

Third, 11% of those surveyed claim that CBD helps as a natural sleep aid to manage insomnia. In addition, some people use CBD for several reasons. Therefore, they voted for more than one option. This further highlights the versatility of CBD products. When it was all said and done, Gallup suggested that 90% of people used CBD for therapeutic purposes.