Cannabis and glaucoma

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What is glaucoma? Simply put, it is the pressure inside the eye that affects the optic nerve. High intraocular pressure damages the retina and causes visual impairment. This can contribute to permanent or total blindness.

Cannabis and glaucoma

The main goal of treatment is to reduce this pressure in order to avoid damage to the nerve of the eye and to allow better blood circulation in the retina. This eye disease cannot be cured, only stabilized and slowed down.

Doctors use a variety of treatments from therapy to surgery to possible alternatives such as cannabis.


Many studies have shown that cannabis reduces intraocular pressure by an average of 25-30%and sometimes up to 50%. This is mainly due to the cannabinoids contained in the plant.

Smoking marijuana can lower your blood pressure for up to about 3-4 hours. It has a positive effect, but is not satisfactory in the long run of everyday life.

To achieve a 24-hour reduction in intraocular pressure, the patient needs to smoke 6-8 cigarettes per day, but receiving such treatment, one cannot function normally in daily life, not to mention the bad effects of smoking on the lungs. In this way, CBD is the right optionwhich harmonizes the nervous system.

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Since conventional medicines still have many side effects, patients with this disease are being treated in various alternative ways, such as using CBD as an adjunct to treatment. There is no need for a high concentration of THC, CBD helps to heal without side effects.

It is recommended to use CBD hemp juice in the morning, drip CBD oil twice three drops a day and drink CBD hemp tea during the day (preferably in the afternoon).