Hemp September – month of BIO products

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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic again declares September the month of BIO products and organic farming! Even in the Cannadorra range you can find products with a BIO certificate. What does BIO mean and why is this holiday celebrated?

Hemp bioproducts and their origin

Before the birth of each food product with the BIO logo, there is an organic farmer. In accordance with current legislation, they must be registered with the Ministry of Agriculture in order to be able to label their products as organic, as well as comply with the strict rules of Czech and European law. This rule also applies to the cultivation of crops, animal husbandry, their treatment, as well as the processing, labeling, storage or import of products.

Compliance with the regulations is reviewed annually and only on the basis of proven compliance is each registrant granted a certificate allowing them to use the BIO label on their products.

Organic farming – what does it mean?

The organic farmer tries to work with the land in a way that keeps it healthy, fertile, alive, and for the next generation, and also such that it can be well saturated and hold water, which is becoming less and less in rural areas. Organic farmers fertilize the land with organic manure, such as manure. The soil in organic farming is not just a food factory, but also a place for many other organisms, animals and plants, local, indigenous and useful, that belong to nature, and each of them logically has an interconnected, irreplaceable role.

The soil in organic farming gives life and is life itself.

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Bioproducts - to sum up

There is no reason why BIO products should not be part of your diet.

Are you sometimes put off by the price of Bio products?

Let's look at it from the other side. The production of organic products is more expensive because eco-farmers do not have artificial fertilizers, but there is a very strict list of allowed additives - but the quality of the plants will not disappoint you. This increases the cost of production.

Hemp bioproducts and their labeling

On our products, in particular on our BIO hemp oil, BIO protein and BIO hemp seeds, you will find the following symbol:

Bio Products

- Bio products that are controlled in the Czech Republic (not necessarily exclusively Czech organic food) can be identified with this green "bio zebra", the national eco-label, which guarantees that the product complies with the requirements of the Organic Agriculture Act.


- Since July 1, 2010, all producers of organic products in the European Union have been required to use a single label for organic food in the European Union, the so-called European biological logo.

BIO hemp products – celebrate with us!

Because this holiday also affects us, we offer you the purchase of hemp products with the opportunity to receive 10% discount on all purchases until 02.10.2018. However, your purchase must contain at least 1 BIO product.

The discount coupon is BIOKONOPLIA1 and can be used in the shopping cart at the completion of your order, valid for orders over 5 euros.

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