Pro Tips for Drying Marijuana Properly

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When the long-awaited harvest marathon begins, novice growers wonder how to dry marijuana professionally and quickly. We share the advice of experienced growers.

Drying your cannabis crop the right way

Obviously, hemp is dried because, like tobacco, it smokes better when dry. But why treat? It’s all about quality. It has been observed that the cured herb is softer, has a better aroma and a cleaner taste. Those who can’t wait for the process to complete and bypass the final steps in cannabis preparation are depriving themselves of some of the natural chic smells inherent in the plant’s genetics, and inflicting discomfort, even paranoia, on the stoner during use.

What happens to cannabis during drying and curing:

  • The content of chlorophyll decreases. Together with it, the plant leaves a specific bitter taste, the smoke becomes lighter, therefore, the throat does not tickle.
  • A unique aroma is revealed. This is the only way to feel the beauty of the smell, which was put into the variety by the efforts of caring breeders.
  • There is protection from side effects during use. Proper drying and curing is similar to the fermentation process, during which the internal processes in the cone bring the ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids to the genetic levels.
  • Getting rid of mold. And she, by the way, can ruin the entire crop. In no case should you use moldy cones – it settles and multiplies perfectly in the lungs of a smoker.

How to dry cannabis

We will deal with the conditions under which proper drying of hemp should be carried out. You need an unlit room that will maintain a temperature of 21 ° C and a humidity of 50%. If the temperature in the room is higher and the humidity is lower than the indicated values, which is normal for our latitude and modern apartments, then simply dry the entire cannabis bush, even with leaves, and not individual branches. If the temperature is low and the humidity is significant, the branches should be divided into small inflorescences and good ventilation should be organized.

There is a lot of information about how long marijuana dries, but there is no definitive answer – it all depends on the humidity and temperature that you can maintain. With these ideal parameters, complete drying takes 5 days.

How do you know if your cannabis is ready for streaming and curing? You break the stem, and if it does not crunch and bend poorly, then the cones are not yet ready. Well-dried grass crunches easily, without resistance, but does not break yet. Determine the degree of drying by small twigs. Remember that it is not overdried cones that are cured, but those from which excess moisture has been removed.

A quick way to dry cannabis

Growers use the tools at hand, devising ingenious ways to quickly dry cannabis and get a product that is dear to the heart and ready to use as quickly as possible. Some charge the microwave with their heads, some fry flowers in a pan, others remove excess moisture with the help of hot air from a hair dryer. But everything changes when a dehydrator appears in the family.

Many housewives use this device to prepare fruit marshmallows, apple chips, carrots and beets. Growers can use the device for their own purposes. Pour a small amount of cones on a baking sheet, put to dry at a temperature of 35 ° C and wait for two hours. As a result, you will get crispy fragrant cones, which are already possible.

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