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Promotion on hemp ointments

Promotions for hemp ointments are valid from 15.1.2020 to 1.3.2020. With every purchase of 2x 100 ml hemp ointments you will receive 1x 12 ml ointment as a gift for free.


Original price before discount€3.90

Price: €2.90


99.21 ₴


Original price before discount€11.50

Price: €7.99

699.13 ₽

273.34 ₴

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The promotion cannot be combined otherwise. It is not necessary to put all three ointments in the basket, automatically when you buy 2x 100 ml ointments, a third one is automatically added to you.

Before you buy an ointment, you definitely need to know a few things about them.

Hemp ointment for skin

Hemp ointment with calendula is made according to traditional homemade recipes. Suitable for all skin types - we have personally used it for both adults and children :-).

Thanks to the lanolin contained in it, it perfectly nourishes and regenerates the skin. Suitable for people who have a problem with eczema.

Suitable for any type of skin problems, but also as a skin regeneration.

Konoplianaja Maz S Kalenduloj

Hemp contains 31% hemp. It is 100% natural - does not contain petroleum products and palm oil.

Hemp ointment for muscles and joints

This ointment was developed for athletes and people with muscle and joint problems. Contains chili and has a slight warming effect. Massage of tense muscles and back contributes to a feeling of relief. It improves blood circulation and by massaging around the joints helps to relieve the feeling of petrification that leads to pain.

CONTAINS CHILE! Do not apply near the eyes, mucous membranes and groin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after application.

Konoplianaja Maz S Chili

And this hemp ointment contains 31% hemp, which is a very good ratio!