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  • Safety
  • Price
  • Isolate CBD vs Full Spectrum
  • Variety of flavors

Let’s start with security

In 2015 FDA (US Federal Food and Drug Administration). Tested 26 CBD products made in California, Washington, and Arizona and found. That many of them contain trace amounts of CBD (significantly less than advertised). Or the CBD was completely absent.

A year later (2016-2017), the FDA repeated the test on 22 out-of-state CBD products and got the same result.

A very small number of products on the market are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of cGAСP, cGMP.

This is in line with the experts’ assessments. That currently more than 2/3 of the presented cannabidiol-based products are fake. The contents or concentrations do not correspond to those declared. And, therefore, potential buyers should be very careful when choosing.

First of all, make sure that the manufacturer is ready to present certificates of quality analysis (CofA). Both on the starting material (Pure CBD or FS CBD) and on the final product.

In this case, it is better if the tests are done by an independent certified laboratory (ISO Certified Lab)

It is very important where and how the product was produced.

A significant number of products on the market are made from semi-finished products purchased in China. It is packaged almost at home or in small, non-certified industries.

Preference should be given to FDA controlled cGMP manufacturers as a guarantee. That during the production process, toxins, microbes and undesirable impurities were not introduced into the final product.

Now the conversation will be about what to choose between:

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Pure Isolated CBD (pure CBD) or Full Spectrum (a combination of everything that can be extracted from a plant)

Basically, these disputes are started by Full Spectrum (FS) supporters, who until recently were the majority, as, in fact, FS products on the market.

Their main argument in the dispute is:

The presence of the so-called Entourage Effect when using FS, in other words, a more pronounced effect of CBD. As evidence, examples are given from one’s own experience or “eyewitness testimony”.

Typically, Full Spectrum contains THC. Although in most cases the THC content is within the acceptable 0.3% by volume, this is enough for the eyes for a positive drag test result (drug test)

Proponents of Pure Isolated CBD (PI) in this debate put forward the following arguments as an argument:

Absence of THC and, accordingly, the risks associated with a drug test

All (or the vast majority) of clinical trials, publications in professional medical journals, research data provide evidence of the safety or therapeutic efficacy of cannabidiol alone, and not a random set of cannabinoids.

From a professional point of view, FS is an absolutely unpredictable cocktail that includes hundreds and hundreds of ingredients in addition to CBD, and for this reason, with unpredictable effects and, more importantly, consequences. And at the same time, even from the same manufacturer, under the same brand, this cocktail will be different from batch to batch.

In short, it sounds like “you’re not sure what you’re really getting.”