Medicinal uses of hemp seeds

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For centuries, people have used cannabis seeds in traditional medicine, but only in recent decades has science begun to provide answers for which ailments cannabis can really help. Coffeeshop® offers to get to know the medicinal potential of this plant better and get acquainted with the possible uses of hemp seeds, oil and hemp itself for the treatment of diseases, even at advanced stages.

Medical benefits of marijuana

Cannabis is valuable because it contains cannabinoids – compounds that can cause a feeling of euphoria or mental relaxation, but the medical potential of the plant goes beyond ordinary smoking. Doctors are actively studying the two most active hemp cannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD or CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC or TGK). They are used in the treatment of a huge number of diseases.

Preparations created on their basis are used both for the treatment of ordinary migraine and for more complex diseases – atherosclerosis, diabetes, and even cancer.

Treating chronic pain with marijuana

In 2015, a US study was conducted with 326 participants. They confirmed that the use of marijuana allowed to reduce or completely get rid of chronic pain.

This is the most common ailment that medical cannabis helps to cope with. In this case, the active ingredient is THC, and the effect of marijuana is similar to the use of ibuprofen, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Treatment of glaucoma

The disease is accompanied by an increase in pressure in the eye, which damages the optic nerve, reduces vision and reduces the quality of life. Often this leads to complete blindness.

In 1971, a study was conducted that showed that marijuana reduced intraocular pressure by 25-30%.

Mankind learned to isolate cannabinoids from marijuana just a few decades ago. But our ancestors used hemp long before that. Only they took it not in pills, but in the old fashioned way: they squeezed oil from the seeds or simply smoked it.

The use of cannabis as a pain reliever

Even in ancient India, healers discovered that when hemp oil was applied to the skin, pain was reduced. It was used for injuries, burns, bruises. Hemp oil was used during childbirth, trying to facilitate this difficult process.

Today, hemp oil has found application in the treatment of:

  • Skin diseases. From mild allergic reactions to incurable forms of dermatitis and psoriasis. Hemp seed oil relieves itching and perfectly moisturizes, therefore, accelerates the transition to the remission stage or completely eliminates the symptom.
  • Cancer. There are many studies that prove the positive effects of using cannabis in the treatment of cancer, including melanoma (skin cancer). In countries where the use of marijuana is allowed for medicinal purposes, preparations based on its active components are included in the course of rehabilitation after chemotherapy. They improve appetite, restore sleep, eliminate pain and nausea, and also improve mood, which allows you to more effectively deal with the consequences of medical intervention.
  • Psychoses and neuroses. If a neurological disorder was caused by a lack of substances important for the proper functioning of the body and psyche, then hemp oil allows you to replenish their reserves. In Europe, Canada and America, marijuana and marijuana products are also used in the treatment of schizophrenia, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, anorexia and many other diseases caused by psychological and physical imbalance.

This is just a small list of diseases that marijuana or preparations based on it can cope with. They are also involved in complex therapy in the treatment of liver diseases, allow you to fight asthma, prevent senile diseases, relieve obesity, nausea, and speed up the process of treating brain injuries.

As long as there is a ban on the use of marijuana, its potential will not be explored and used to its full potential. Until then, you can buy cannabis seeds for medicinal purposes in Ukraine only as a souvenir.