How to choose a strain of marijuana for yourself

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The world of conscious consumption requires every stoner to figure out how to find the right strain of marijuana for their own needs. We are no longer in the 60s, when the “flower children” had to be content with almost wild grass with today’s ridiculous THC content – up to 4% in the most “powerful” strains. The current rastamans will not even look in the direction of this variety, but will choose what is more flamboyant and exotic, since the assortment is huge. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the criteria by which you can choose a variety of marijuana so that it is used for the benefit of your body and mind.

Principles for selecting a cannabis variety for yourself

Simplicity is at the heart of the world, and marijuana strain selection is based primarily on THC and CBD content.

  • THC (THC, tetrahydrocannabinol) is a substance that causes euphoria, creative dynamics, the desire to communicate, laugh and live life to the fullest. The presence of this cannabinoid in sativa-dominant strains is so annoying to conservatives who oppose the use of marijuana. The more THC in the herb, the stronger and more lasting arousal it causes. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this, the main thing is to understand how to choose a hemp variety for the first time with an adequate content of tetrahydrocannabinol for yourself.
  • CBD (CBD, cannabidiol) is the so-called “medical” cannabinoid, which has a healing effect. There is a lot of it in indica and indica-dominant varieties prescribed for psychological and physical ailments.

Who is sativa for?

Those who want drive, strength and movement. On the one hand, this attracts novice stoners, but on the other hand, it scares the hell out of them. We hasten to reassure you: even the most powerful sativa cannot be compared with any chemistry that performs a similar task. This is not an energy drink that draws power from a consumer, then to cut it down for a day. The grass simply rearranges the train of thought so that a positive attitude comes by itself.

For the first experience, it is better to choose strains with a soft entry into the high-effect and subsequent relaxation – these are hybrids with a dominant sativa note.

An excellent first experience will give Ak 47 – it contains 20-22% THC. The strain gives an uplifting effect, creates a feeling of confidence, and the moderate content of tetrahydrocannabinol does not give an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or loss of control. Other options: iM, Owen Key, Sierra, iPro, Kali Mist, etc. These varieties for the first experience are just right.

For stoners with more experience, we can advise:

  • Amnesia is a delicious and aromatic sativa with up to 23% THC.
  • Apollo 11. It is often chosen by growers when they first learn the science of plant cultivation. The strain is unpretentious in care and produces large yields with a good content of THC – up to 26%.
  • Pablo Escobar – The buds of this bush are pleased with 27% THC content and a powerful arrival.
  • Positive is a cosmos-sativa for adult smokers. It has 28% THC, so it suits old stoners who know exactly what they want.

Who will be delighted with indica

There is a lot of stress in life, and sometimes it is simply impossible to deal with it on your own. Indic varieties help slow down the endless internal dialogue on disturbing topics, distract you from thinking about deep, all-consuming, but really important things for a person. Indica creates a new tier of thoughts in the head, which opens the next tier, and after it another one, and so on until the stoner finds himself multi-layered, interesting, valuable and mega-balanced, like a Shaolin monk, a person with a clear understanding of his own depths.

A pure indica is just as rare a beast as a pure sativa. When looking for an answer to the question: “How to choose a hemp variety in Ukraine?” – most often advised hybrids with a predominance of the body-stone effect. They cause a slight euphoria at the beginning, and then incline to meditative immersion.

You can start the path to yourself with a soft CBD Jack containing as much as 17% CBD or CBD Skunk (16%). Such varieties as Mazar, Tutankhamon, Kadenyuk, Super Skunk, Anesthesia, Afgan Kush perform well. If a stoner is looking for a more serious experience, then iWidow, Fred Haze or LSD can be recommended.

If you need competent advice or want to buy marijuana seeds in Ukraine as a creative souvenir, please contact Coffeeshop® managers. We will advise a cool strain and send the product you are interested in anywhere in the world.