CBD, brain and nervous system

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CBD, brain and nervous system

The area in which the application of CBD is of most interest includes the relationship between CBD, the brain and the nervous system.

Here are some of the more interesting effects of CBD:

  • Strengthening the health and vitality of nerve cells
  • Increased muscle tone and ability to move smoothly
  • Decreased release of hormones
  • Reducing sleep apnea symptoms
  • Improving mood, normalizing the executive function of the brain and memory
  • Destruction of opioid receptors
  • Neuroprotective Benefits
  • Enlargement of your hippocampus (part of the brain’s limbic system)

All of the above effects come from not psychotropic substances CBD.

Some of the research findings over the past few years include noting the extent to which stimulated cannabinoid receptors contribute to homeostasis in other systems in our body.

In particular, endocannabinoid homeostasis occurs in:

  • Our motor neurons
  • The excitability of our central nervous system (CNS)
  • General health of neuronal cells
  • Our immune system
  • Our pain vice
  • Balanced sleep-wake cycle
  • And many other interactions

All of the above actions of CBD on the brain and nervous system have been documented in medical scientific articles. The FDA has approved a limited number of cannabinoids, including CBD.

Statistically, annually about five million adults suffer from brain diseases. Experts believe that by 2023 these numbers will double.

Prescription drugs can control some of the symptoms associated with these brain disorders. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough. Long-term use of these drugs also causes worrisome side effects.

CBD, is a safe and effective alternative treatment for these diseases. This can not only improve symptoms, but also delay the progression of the disease!

CBD improves cognitive and motor functions in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. It can also control treatment-resistant seizures with epilepsy, as well as chronic pain associated with these brain disorders.