When to Harvest Marijuana

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One of the most responsible and desirable stages of growing is harvesting marijuana indoors or out. Many growers are actively selecting seeds for genetics and end product, forgetting that the main thing in this whole story is to harvest on time. If the grass is underexposed, you can forget about the power you were counting on. Remove late – there will be unpleasant effects in the form of too many useless seeds and reduced action.

The best online cannabis seed store in Ukraine, Coffeeshop®, offers you to figure out how to correctly determine the readiness of a “plant” for harvesting in order to acquire a fragrant and voluminous bouquet of Mary Jane flowers for your loved one and your friends.

Cannabis Flower Maturity Signs

Before harvesting marijuana, you need to study the main criteria that determine the readiness of the plant for harvest. Before the transition to the flowering stage, the lower leaves begin to die and fall off. It is worth taking care of the cleanliness of the bush and removing fallen leaves to protect the plant from mold and pests.

A mature cannabis plant looks like this:

  • The upper leaves near the cones are covered with crystals – these are the so-called “sugar leaves”. Their peculiarity is that they can not be cut off – they contain a significant amount of THC. Such leaves, by the way, increase the amount of smoke. So, if you are a fan of filling the room with a mysterious fog, like in American films, then do not manicure them. If you don’t want to dilute the THC in your buds, use sugar leaves to create an oil.
  • Stigmas are small hairs (pistils) that cover cannabis flowers during flowering. At first they are white and straight. After some time, the stigmas bend and change color to brown. At the moment when there are about ¾ of the entire bush with curved and brown hairs, it’s time to check the readiness of the trichomes.

If you cut off the buds at this point, then you will get the maximum ratio of THC and CBD in the finished product – the one that is declared by the manufacturer. If you suffer another 7-14 days, then you will increase the cerebral effect.

How to Harvest Marijuana According to Science

If you want to do everything in the best way and understand how to properly harvest marijuana with one hundred percent result, we offer a more accurate option – by trichomes. The so-called small oblong outgrowths on cones with round heads.

Using a microscope, examine the top of the trichome:

  • Transparent heads – the bump is only gaining strength.
  • White color indicates that the plant is almost ready, but it is too early to collect.
  • Gold color signals that you can collect. However, you need to make sure that the number of finished golden trichomes prevails over white ones. At this point, the flowers will have the maximum amount of THC.
  • At the last stage of flowering, the heads of the trichomes fall off. If you begin to notice that they are no longer there, most likely you have overexposed.

After harvesting, do a preliminary trimming – remove the largest leaves and rinse the cones in three waters, like a fairy tale: first in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then in soda with lemon, and then in plain water. Dry upside down.

Where to buy good cannabis seeds in Ukraine

Of course, the harvest time is an important criterion for power and the resulting effect, but you should not forget about the quality of the seeds. Contact our managers to buy cannabis seeds in Kiev with delivery around the globe and enjoy high-quality genetics and excellent health of promising buds with a guaranteed effect.