hemp tea

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hemp tea? Yes! But how do you recognize good quality? There are many varieties on the market and more more tea options. So how do you choose the right one fit to you? A simple overview in 6 points…

1. Country of origin

Of course, you should be interested in where hemp was grown. Every continent, every country perceives quality a little differently. If you are from the Czech Republic, then, of course, the best hemp tea is grown in the Czech Republic. in the Czech Republic hemp thrives and grows in quantities that maintain quality.

Our hemp Teas are grown in the Litomerice region (Litoměřicku) and in the Highlands (Vysočině).

2. Cultivation quality hemp tea

For cannabis extremely important purity the soil in which it grows. He has amazing ability to absorb all harmful components and disinfects the soil. So it is advisable to choose tea of ​​a confirmed organic quality (BIO) or With guaranteed origin, where given Attention quality and uncontaminated tillage.

Cannadorra tea is grown in carefully selected locations.

3. Hemp tea color

The color of tea can vary from bright green to brown. One thing, it visual aspect, and another effect. Tea picked before (July August), greener than the one collected later (September-November). Tea that is harvested later naturally dries and matures in the field. That is why it has a higher concentration CBD and other cannabinoids.

The drying process plays an important role. Drying speed and temperature also has a significant effect on the color, taste and smell of herbs. The best thing slow drying at low temperature.

4. Taste of hemp tea

The taste of tea is usually slightly tart and with a taste of typical hemp. We choose the degree of expressiveness yourself every time we brew. You can feel and hemp oil, if brewed ground tea, where were the seeds.

5. Influence hemp tea – sticks or ground

Many people believethat the more beautiful hemp grass sticksthe better/more effective the tea. This is not true. hemp sticks primarily perform a visual role :-). Sometimes it might be vice versa better, as far as the effect is concerned, soft ground tea.

In ground tea, you may actually notice more resin from the sticks, as well as crystalline cannabinoid powder. It is not easy to understand the effectiveness of tea, which is pleasant to look at.

6. Types of hemp tea

is a hand-picked tea that is best harvested while the cannabis flowers are green. The tea has a fresh herbal aroma and mild taste. This is a fundamental cannabis tea that cannot be spoiled by anything. What is it suitable for? From headaches, stress, lowering sugar levels and to harmonize the heartbeat.

  • Hemp tea with clean chopsticks

– hand-harvested tea, with naturally ground sticks that exude more resin, and cannabinoid crystal powder. The tea has a stronger aroma and taste. It is the great enemy of all pain.

– this tea is harvested mechanically without visible sticks when the tea is already ripe. Due to ripening, the content of cannabinoids increases. Color more brown, the taste is strong and strong, more earthy. Suitable for complete relaxation of the mind and body and a good night’s sleep. Restores functions immune systems. Soothes the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes digestion.

– Packed in tea bags, perfect for travel or for those who don’t like straining tea.

– Ideal for good digestion and breathing.

– great for kids and those who don’t really like the smell of grass.

– complement each other in the fight against colds.

– Suitable when dieting and for the proper functioning of the lymph.