Methods for using various CBD products

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CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical in cannabis, seems to be generating new research every day requiring new uses. Consumers can find it difficult to sort through the products they find advertised online and in local dispensaries, and even more difficult to decide what is right for them.

With CBD suddenly being advertised in foods and cosmetics in the form of various oils, crystals, e-liquids, and teas, it’s no surprise that many are confused by this. To help sort through so many options, we’ve created a guide to some of the most common CBD products available.

High CBD oil

High CBD oil is a special oil that contains CBD and does not contain THC. CBD-rich oil is obtained by extraction from cannabis flowers, in most cases from CBD-rich hemp strains. This extract can then be mixed with hemp seed oil, olive oil, or other types of oils for ease of ingestion. These high CBD products do not have psychoactive properties.

The photo below shows the production process of the CO2 extract.

NOTE: It is important to know the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil.
Hemp seed oil is the oil obtained from the seeds of the plant. Industrial hemp is the only plant used for this type of hemp oil. Hemp seeds can be cold-pressed, dehulled, or unshelled to make a delicious oil. There are no cannabinoids like THC or CBD in the oil because hemp seeds do not have psychoactive properties. Hemp oil is legal in most countries and can be found in grocery markets along with more common oils such as olive oil.

How is CBD oil used?

CBD-rich oil can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some require the most powerful effect of the oil, take it directly by placing a drop on the tongue or under the tongue so that the oil is absorbed through the mouth and digestive tract. Others who want to enjoy consumption can add a drop of oil to cooking or baking, or dissolve a drop in their smoothie or tea.

As for hemp seed oil, it can be found at grocery markets along with more common oils like olive oil. Hemp seed oil is known for its great taste and high content of unsaturated fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. It can be used in many different areas such as lotions or soaps, base for plastics, instead of oil and eco. – friendly colors.

CBD crystals or CBD isolate.

How are they produced? Once the hemp oil has been removed from the plant, it can be further purified to isolate only the CBD. In order to isolate pure CBD crystals, the extracted cannabis oil undergoes a “wintering” process or is slowly heated to remove fats, terpenes and lipids. A machine called a rotary evaporator is then used to remove any remaining traces of plants. The final product is decarboxylated through yet another careful heating process to activate the cannabinoids, making the chemicals bioavailable to consumers.

How is CBD isolate used?

Like extract oil, they can be added to food, dissolved in drinks, or swallowed whole, but unlike oil, crystals can get wet and dissolve. The isolate is also added to the vape liquid.

Pros and cons.
Because crystals are more highly concentrated than other forms of CBD—up to 99.8% in some cases—they produce a more immediate effect than other methods of consuming it. On the other hand, isolating just one cannabinoid removes many terpenes and other compounds that are especially useful for healing from the final product. We have previously covered such compounds in Terpenes and Cannabinoids: A Simple Guide.

CBD vape liquids and electronic cigarettes with cannabidiol

How are they produced? CBD e-liquids are a CBD product designed for use in electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. Many manufacturers start with pure CBD crystals to accurately measure their CBD dosage by combining them with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Manufacturers of high quality e-liquid add terpenes, or aromatic compounds from the cannabis plant, back into the e-liquid at the end of the process to improve the taste.

How to use vape liquids with cbd?

CBD e-liquids can be used in place of nicotine e-liquids in any standard e-cigarette or portable vaporizer. Simply add e-liquid to your vape tank and follow the device’s instructions to inhale the vapor. Ready-made e-liquid cartridges are also available for e-cigarette models that do not allow manual refilling.

Pros and cons.
Electronic cigarettes have become a huge trend. They are convenient and discreet when traveling and allow users to “vape” in places where they were previously not allowed to smoke, such as inside public buildings or in the office. Dosages in this form can vary, manufacturers often offer different concentrations of CBD e-liquids for different user preferences. This is the most affordable, direct and convenient option for most consumers.

Tea with cannabidiol or CBD.

How it’s made, CBD tea is made simply by drying the leaves and buds of CBD-rich hemp plants. Like other cannabinoids, CBD is extracted from plants and binds to fats during any heating process. For best results, tea should be brewed for a few minutes with some fat added, such as milk, cream, or coconut oil. Without the fats included in brewing, consumers will only get the benefits of the antioxidants, fatty acids, and sweet subtle flavor of tea, not the active cannabinoids.

How is CBD tea used?

To get the full flavor of hemp tea, steep the tea in hot water with milk, cream or coconut oil for 5 minutes or more. Dried hemp tea leaves can also be used as a substitute for tobacco in cigarette making.

Pros and cons.
Because raw dried hemp leaves have not gone through the activation processes of the chemicals they contain, the cannabinoids in hemp tea are less “bioavailable”, meaning the user will experience a much weaker overall effect compared to other methods.

How you take it depends entirely on your preference. Different methods can affect both one person and another differently depending on their personal preferences. For those looking for ease of use, we recommend our wide range of CBD vape liquids, which are available in different strengths to suit your needs. For those who just want to try exploring the use of CBD in their regular diet, CO2 oil extract may be the best place to do it.