New Research: CBD May Kill Bacteria

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A research team from the University of Queensland found that cannabidiol (CBD) can kill several different strains of bacteria, which could open the way for a new type of antibiotic. It is worth noting that in 60 years not a single new antibiotic has been developed to treat these bacteria.

“This is the first time that CBD has killed certain types of Gram negative bacteria (Gram negative bacteria).”This is stated in the statement of the leading researcher, associate professor of the University Mark Belskovich. “These bacteria have an extra outer membrane, another line of defense, that makes it harder for antibiotics to get through. Gram-negative bacteria can cause gonorrhea, meningitis, Legionnaires’ disease, and other infections that are difficult to treat with traditional antibiotics.

“The results are especially interesting because no new antibiotic molecules have been discovered and approved for gram-negative bacterial infections since the 1960s, and we can now consider developing new CBD analogues with improved properties,” Belskovitz explained. “We think that cannabidiol kills bacteria by rupturing their outer cell membranes, but we do not yet know the exact mechanism of action in general, and further research is needed. “

{At the beginning of the phytocannabinoid study, before the discovery of the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it was thought that the effect of pCBs was due to an increase in the Fluidity of all cell membranes}