Paul Spectrum Oil or Pure Oil: Which Is Better

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As you can see from the table above:
Each cannabinoid offers different benefits for a wide variety of disease symptoms.
Note that CBD offers more benefits for a greater variety of symptoms from all cannabinoids combined!
Even though the rest of the cannabinoids are found in very small amounts in the hemp plant compared to CBD, its benefits seem to outweigh all other cannabinoids, even if they don’t interact with them – a very important statistic.

Paul Spectrum Oil Compared to Pure CBD Oil:
It used to be thought that CBD Pure is stronger and more concentrated than CBD oil Paul Spectrum, however, in 2015, this claim was refuted by a study conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The study compared a group of mice that received full spectrum CBD as pain reliever with mice that received pure CBD. Results showed that mice that received CBD had the full spectrum Got more pain relief The mice were given pure CBD. Symptom relief increased as the dose increased and also lasted longer after stopping CBD.

Entourage effect: Based on this research, it has been hypothesized that the effectiveness of CBD Full Spectrum Oil stems from the relationships and encounters that exist between and between large amounts of cannabinoids and CBD, and the mechanisms of action of the endocannabinoid system in our body. This interaction, according to the researchers, is responsible for the high potency of the full spectrum oil, but there is still no research to support this claim, and only advanced research into other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that make up the cannabis plant will lead to its creation. or refutation.

While these results prove that CBD Full Spectrum takes precedence over pure CBD and the conditions and problems it will treat are varied and numerous, this does not mean that pure CBD oil is ineffective and highly effective. As such

There are many situations where people would choose to use pure CBD oil instead., For instance:

  • When there is no need, other than spot treatment (inflammation in a certain place, pain in the spine)
  • When the consumer is prohibited from having THC in their body.
  • When there is a known sensitivity to THC or one of the other cannabinoids.

The proliferation of the term “medical cannabis” and the huge changes in the finished product market due to innovative technological methods for extracting active ingredients from plants, make a significant contribution to the seemingly “fashionable” global phenomenon, which manifests itself in millions of people. And continuous CBD of both types – full spectrum CBD and pure CBD. The results and the anecdotal report are not unambiguous, and, unlike theoretical studies, it seems that the problem is much larger. Subjective and personal
We are in MY Last year, we received recommendations and consultations for those who suffer from various symptoms and diseases. The feedback and information we have received on the two types of oils – full spectrum and pure – reveal a wide range of options for us, with an emphasis on customization with minimal investment in time and money.

There are people for whom even the minimal effect of 0.2% THC is undesirable.
The feeling of drunkenness in these people is felt relatively strong and causes a disturbance in the daily routine.

There are conditions and effects (rare) that pure CBD treats as effectively as the full spectrum – and even better.
In cases where two diseases / symptoms combine at the same time, such as depression and problems with attention and concentration,
Sometimes Paul Spectrum Oil solves one problem but reinforces another – which is not the case with pure CBD oil.