If seeds are produced during the growing process, can they be planted?

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After each grow, seeds are left, and it is tempting to save money on the next cycle and plant them. However, for some reason, experienced growers still want to buy cannabis seeds in Ukraine, and do not use those that have grown since last season. Let’s see why they behave so strangely.

Who are breeders and where do quality seeds come from

Breeders are involved in breeding cannabis varieties. In countries where cannabis cultivation is legal, they may work for themselves or for seed banks.

  • A freelance breeder is essentially an old-time grower who has the desire and resources to go from being an ordinary grower to a true artist by crossing and growing strains with different effects.
  • The second type is breeders working for seed banks. These are large companies that have professional laboratories. Their work is worth a lot, because varieties with predictable characteristics come out from under their pen: the properties of the finished hybrid are assessed even before the product enters the market. In this case, when a customer wants to buy cannabis seeds, he can ask the manufacturer about the characteristics of the plant cultivation, THC content, genetics and effects. Ordinary breeders do not have such details.

Of course, every grower can try himself in the role of a free breeder and develop his own variety or use the seeds left over from the last harvest. But there are nuances here:

To get cannabis seeds, you need to wait for them. But the buds ripen faster than the seeds, meaning you have to sacrifice Mary Jane’s precious flowers to get a seed crop.

Statistically, more boys are born than girls, not only when talking about people – this also applies to cannabis. If you decide to save money, be prepared for the fact that the vast majority of bushes will grow twitchy and will only be suitable for throwing them away.

Why You Shouldn’t Plant the Seeds Left Over from the Grove

You need to collect cannabis seeds after it has faded. Buds on such bushes are considered overripe – they are low in THC and CBD, but full of seeds. If the harv is overexposed, it will be very weak in terms of the consciousness of expanding effects.

Further, after harvesting, both indoors and outdoors, there may be seeds that have both male and female genes in them. Once they are planted, some of the bushes will invariably grow into boys, making it very difficult to grow. You will need to control the moment when the plants begin to show sexual characteristics. It is important to do this in order to prevent pollination, otherwise this time it will not bring a harvest of flowers.

For a while, until the male cannabis plants show themselves, you will need to take care of the entire greenhouse: it is spent on light, fertilizer and top dressing for each bush, even if they all turn out to be male. As a result, after such a futile allocation of resources, it is easy to become disillusioned with growing.

Where to get good cannabis seeds in Ukraine

The best way is to contact trusted suppliers. It is worth evaluating online seed shops by the number of products and the quality of information describing them, the presence of reviews and the service provided. A large store that values ​​​​its reputation will not deceive a client for a couple of nuts, but will provide full information about the variety they like, take care of the security of your personal data.

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