Top 5 Rare Marijuana Varieties

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Sometimes special, rare varieties of marijuana are born, endowed with unusual characteristics. A sort of zest in the global rasta pie, adding a pinch of chaos to the slender statistics of the strains. Some of them boast increased disease resistance, others have a powerful high-effect, and still others are extraordinarily fantastic in appearance, which is why even seasoned growers come to aesthetic delight. This article is a guide to the rarest marijuana varieties that every avid grower wants to get.

Where do rare varieties of marijuana come from?

Unusual strains are obtained during genetic mutations. It is almost impossible to control them. In open-minded countries such as Jamaica, the US, Canada or the Netherlands, breeders experiment with familiar strains in an attempt to increase THC (THC) or CBD (CBD) content, increase yields, resistance to diseases, pests, etc. Sometimes in the course of experiments, like a pearl born from a random grain of sand, plants appear endowed with special properties. They are carefully studied and, if such characteristics are of neither commercial nor aesthetic interest, the experience is considered unsuccessful. But sometimes there are such successful cannabis strains that everyone wants to buy.

Top 5 Rare Cannabis Strains

  1. Critical Mass. An elite variety with a high content of indica – up to 80%. Critical Mass has a deep psychedelic effect, leaving the rastaman in a good mood. The result of the love between the killer Afgani and the classic Skunk #1. From his well-born ancestors, the strain adopted a daring disposition and precocity – with proper care, flowering will begin after 6 weeks of growth. The yield of the strain is also impressive – a caring grower will be able to collect up to 650 grams per 1 sq. m. Flowers In many ways, Critical Mass is the best variety of marijuana.
  2. cocaine. Indica with a cheerful and strong character. She was born from Lemon Thai and Pakistan, who endowed her with powerful genetics – the strain is slightly susceptible to fungal infections. It blooms in 8 weeks and gives the grower a generous harvest, due to the severity of which it often breaks under its own weight (it is recommended to remove excess branches so as not to injure the plant during the flowering stage). The variety contains up to 28% THC, gives a powerful creative upsurge, improves communication skills and makes the brain work to its fullest.
  3. Calypso. The aroma of flowers of this variety, once felt, will be difficult to confuse with something else: “Calypso” intoxicates with citrus, a thin sweet wedge syrup plume and light herbal notes, which makes it reminiscent of an elite perfume. When smoked, the variety reveals itself in a new way and demonstrates the whole palette of aromas of juicy fruits with a noble sourness. The strain harmoniously combines invigorating sativa (up to 40%) and meditative indica. Their well-measured proportions allow you to experience a whole palette of sensations: from high invigorating juice to penetration beyond the boundaries of your own consciousness.
  4. Auto Tereshkova. Most strains of marijuana sativa can only envy the features of this strain. Mrs. “Tereshkova” is compact and resistant to external hardships. The content of THC is cosmic – up to 27%. Strain loves the light, but prefers to be in a humid environment. Of the minuses – a strong smell of flowers, but with good filters, this drawback can be easily eliminated. Tereshkova skillfully combines excellent indicators of high yield, durability and powerful arrival. Strain improves mood, charges with optimism and goodwill. It can be found at parties, because after using it you want to actively communicate and move
  5. Auto Kadenyuk. Another strain from our list, named after an astronaut. The analogy with something unearthly is obvious – during flowering, the bush is covered with a halo of bright orange trichomes, reminiscent of a neon glow. It is noteworthy that the strain is very unpretentious, thanks to which not only experienced growers, but also beginner growers can get aesthetic satisfaction from growing it.

Uniqueness and rarity – this is what unites the listed strains. Usually they are interested in experienced growers who have got their hands on picky varieties and want to reach the next level. If you are looking for where to buy the best cannabis seeds, look no further than Coffeeshop®. We will help you choose a great option and send it to anywhere in the world.