Top 7 surprises while growing cannabis

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The world of Grove is large and attractive. He beckons cannabis growers, promising the joy of contemplation from the transformation of their labors into a rich harvest. On the way to a generous harvest, the beginner will face surprises, which we want to warn about. We believe this will make your grow more productive and you will truly enjoy the process.

Let’s start simple.

Little hemp is very similar to tomatoes

And not only externally. Cannabis will not be offended if you feed it not with specialized bait, but with “tomato”. This similarity is good because in a greenhouse with tomatoes, the future marijuana looks imperceptibly and organically.

Plants can change sex

An inexperienced grower often makes mistakes that cannabis will perceive as stressful. In this case, the plant can change sex – from a girl to a boy or become a hermaphrodite. So do not “stress” your wards, love them and for the first experience buy undemanding strains.

Hemp has a strong smell. Smells very strong

And to remove the smell of one hood is not enough. You need charcoal filters. Luckily, you can buy them at the Coffeeshop® grocery store.

Without control over the acidity of the soil, a good harvest cannot be harvested.

If you notice that the plant has changed its appearance: it has begun to turn yellow, darken, the shape and thickness of the leaf has changed, then it’s time to measure the acidity. But in general, you need to measure it constantly. The appearance of external signs suggests that hemp is sick. Disease is stress…

Grove is beautiful

There is nothing more natural than watching green plants cultivated by one’s own hands. Our ancestors did this, and our descendants will do the same, because it is difficult to replace such unity with nature with something else.

Outdoor is not just growing, but a type of outdoor activity

Cannabis growers in this case go in two ways:

  1. Grove in an open area next to the house. For this, a summer cottage with a greenhouse or a private house is suitable. This option is suitable for those who are sure that an uninvited guest will not appear on your territory.

  2. Cultivation in hard-to-reach areas. For this option, you will need unremarkable clothes, a backpack filled with hiking goodies, and the most interesting thing is a compass and a map. Using a phone or other electronic gadgets is not recommended – they are easy to track. So you will have to learn the basics of orientation on the ground and pump the endurance that you will need for periodic walks to your “plants”.

It seems that such difficulties are useless. I bought everything for growing marijuana at home, and you rejoice. But no, there are two big advantages to being outdoors: the ability to grow a Sativa that loves freedom, light and fresh air, and to harvest in the most unremarkable way. Few people have planted this plantation…

Grove is for the patient. And silent

We, as a responsible store of hemp seeds, cannabis, marijuana Coffeeshop®, are obliged to warn that growing is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine. We do not call for growing plants in those countries where it is punishable by law, which is why we have delivery to any corner of the globe.

In Coffeeshop® you can buy cannabis seeds in Ukraine as a souvenir. They do not contain prohibited substances, so their circulation is not controlled by the Law and is equivalent to buying seeds for a healthy diet, preparing animal feed or a product from which oils can be extracted and used, for example, for cosmetic purposes. So ordering cannabis seeds from Coffeeshop® is perfectly legal.

Regardless of the purpose for which you acquire them, remember the main rule of the successful growers’ club – do not tell anyone about the successful growers’ club.