Hemp pest control “Fitoverm”

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If you are tired of putting up with small parasites that want to eat your crop, it’s time to find out what Fitoverm is and say goodbye to uninvited guests. The beauty of the drug is that it is biological. This means that there are no compounds hazardous to the crop and human health in the composition of the product, however, when using Fitoverm, its features must be taken into account. If you do not take them into account, then the effect of the application will not be. Today we will talk about how to use this insect repellent in your garden.

“Fitoverm” against pests of biological origin

The active substance of the drug – avermectins – are natural antibiotics. Unlike overt chemistry, all biological treatments take time to produce results. Remember how when taking antibiotics, the doctor recommends drinking them in a course and not interrupting it even after improvements appear. The task is to complete the full cycle of taking the antibiotic in order to completely eliminate the disease and prevent its source from adapting to the substance used.

“Fitoverm” works in a similar way, and this means that if your plant is eaten by some superpowerful pest that threatens the crop with death right now, then a specific remedy will not work. In this case, a stronger, faster substance will be required. It will certainly cause some harm not only to insects, but also to the bush, however, during a shipwreck, you need to escape by any means, and only then think about how to fix the damage.

“Fitoverm” against hemp pests works gradually. Some insects continue to feed even after treatment for several more days. All this time they feel bad, slowly die, but they can continue their activities, which greatly confuses the grower. If you notice that the plant continues to wither due to insects after treatment, this does not mean that the remedy does not work, it just needs time.

Despite the “long acceleration”, the drug perfectly takes difficult pests, for example, spider mites. Usually four treatments are enough to completely get rid of this pest.

The drug belongs to the group of contact, that is, it must fall on the body of the parasite. This means that you should not expect a great result when processing eggs with Fitoverm, but the larvae and young individuals are perfectly hatched using this tool.

Tricks of using “Fitoverma”

  • Use it in cases where the pest is just appearing. To do this, inspect the bushes every day to catch the moment.
  • Remember that insects reproduce much faster in hot climates than in cold ones. This means that you can artificially speed up or slow down this process and adjust the time of their hatching from the egg to the period of treatment with Fitoverm. You can learn it from the instructions on the package and it is advisable to carefully follow the recommendations specified by the manufacturer.
  • “Fitoverm” quickly decomposes and does not settle in the ground or plant leaves. This, on the one hand, is good, because you do not have to worry about the quality of the crop, but, on the other hand, the rapid decomposition of the substance reduces its effectiveness. When processing the drug, it is worth remembering that with strong humidity and bright light, Fitoverm decomposes in a few hours. It is best to carry out the treatment at night before turning off the lights, until condensation has formed.

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