Do marijuana seeds germinate

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Sooner or later, every grower begins to torment the question whether it is possible to smoke marijuana seeds and enjoy, as from the buds themselves. The online store of hemp seeds, cannabis Coffeeshop® has prepared an answer for you, confirmed not only by the experience of numerous stoners, but also by local Legislation.

Do marijuana seeds smoke?

No. More precisely, they smoke, but there is no point in this. And all because they do not contain either TCG or CBD – substances that give an energy or calming effect, respectively. That is why you can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds in Ukraine in any quantity. There will be no law against.

The buds themselves and sugar leaves are suitable for smoking – the upper shoots of the plant, which are covered with trichomes during flowering. In the latter, the content of THC and CBD is not high compared to the buds, but they can be used to increase the volume of the harvest.

The composition of the plant also includes ordinary leaves, stems and roots, which are not suitable for creating an expanding effect. They do not contain cannabinoids, but a considerable amount of fibers, which is why they are often used for the production of trusts, ropes, fabrics, etc.

The absence of any banned substances makes cannabis seeds:

  • Super food. They can be added to cereals, salads, first courses for enrichment with useful vitamins, fats and proteins.
  • Source of valuable oils. Cannabis seeds contain omega-3s. This component is not synthesized by the body, but is one of the most valuable substances involved in various metabolic reactions and supports the normal functioning of the heart muscle. Therefore, the seeds can be consumed as the superfood described above, or oil can be extracted from it. They can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetics are enriched with oil, added to pharmaceutical preparations and prescribed for skin problems, digestion and neurological ailments. In terms of the content of nutrients and quality, hemp oil is not inferior to whale oil, but it costs ten times cheaper. It can be used in cooking, especially if you are experiencing gastrointestinal problems.
  • Quality food for animals, fish or birds. It is believed that the introduction of hemp seeds into the diet of many fauna increases their lifespan.
  • Folk way to increase potency.
  • A remedy for skin diseases, including psoriasis. A compress made from the pomace of hemp seeds can be used to combat burns, to relieve itching and irritation.

In other words, smoking cannabis seeds is a waste of time. But, if you have become the proud owner of such a creative souvenir, then there are many ways to use it more usefully.

Where to buy hemp seeds in Ukraine

You can purchase seeds from trusted seed banks with a guarantee at the Coffeeshop® seed shop. Another way to get these nuts is to wait for a male plant to grow in your greenhouse and fertilize the female cannabis bushes. This option is unreliable, because in this case you will have to put up with low yields and the subsequent uncontrolled appearance of jerks.

Buying cannabis seeds in Coffeeshop® from seed banks in Europe and South America is a proven way to become the owner of feminized seeds with a quality genotype and a guarantee from the manufacturer. This is absolutely legal, which cannot be said about adult plants, and even more so their cones. In our store you can buy hemp seeds in Ukraine as a creative souvenir, food product or source of oil.