Italy passed an amendment to the law and legalized CBD!

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An amendment to the law was passed to regulate the sale of hemp-based products with less than 0.5% THC. These products are no longer considered drugs.

“We won,” Easyjoint founder Luca Marola told (Editor’s note: Luca Marola is Easyjoint store owner and CBD legal activist in Italy)

“This sector finally has the right to function,” continues Marola. “This amendment governs both the Cannabis Law and the Narcotics Law. Marketing is now explicitly allowed.”

“They treated us like drug dealers,” Marola says. “So many companies closed, a supply chain that employed more than 10,000 people was brought to its knees. We, as activists, continued to seek changes in the law. And today, when we won, Italy will finally enter the world market for these products.”

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The legislation, which must be finally passed in connection with the economic maneuver by 2023, will finally clarify the limits of the active substance, according to which the product cannot be considered a narcotic drug, and finally establish the legality of the sale. These products will be subject to a tax of 12 euros per thousand kilograms of hemp biomass.

Coldiretti, the Italian Agricultural Association, welcomed the parliament's move to increase cannabis cultivation in Italy from 400 hectares in 2013 to 4,000 hectares last year.

Now CBD products in Italy will be legal and actually authorized! And everyone hopes that Italy will serve as an example for other countries where they are still trying to legalize CBD.

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