CBD can beat depression!

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According to lead author Dr. Raquel Linge, it has been shown in the brains of 40 laboratory rodents that the non-psychotic active substance from cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), can very quickly and very effectively suppress symptoms of depression in mice, such as their hyperactivity, memory impairment, and decreased appetite. to sugar as a reward for completing a task.

The study was carried out by removing a part of the brain of laboratory mice called the olfactory bulb, which causes symptoms of depression (professionally, this procedure is called an olfactory lookbectomy – OBX).


The first improvement was observed after only 30 minutes, while long-term daily use of CBD led to a complete suppression of the symptoms of depression caused by a reduced need for sugar and a deterioration in behavioral processes. During the study of current chemical processes, it turned out that cannabidiol stimulates the production of serotonin and glutamate.

The results of this study were published in the April edition of the scientific journal Neuropharmacology and confirmed the findings of previous studies, according to which the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant can reduce symptoms of depression and effectively replace synthetic antidepressants, the common disadvantage being serious side effects.