“Magic mushrooms” at home

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When a craving for mycology awakens in the soul, the question involuntarily arises: “How to grow “magic” mushrooms at home?”. We have prepared material with which it is worth starting the path of knowing the world for a novice mushroom grower. Read it for educational purposes only and expand your horizons with Coffeeshop®.

A brief excursion into the history of hallucinogenic mushrooms

Humanity has shown interest in psychedelic substances for tens of thousands of years. The first trips attracted shamans who used them to communicate with spirits. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was hallucinogenic mushrooms that became one of the reasons for the birth of religions, which united entire nations, became the source of the birth of spirituality and social order. Many priests, even in the Middle Ages, did not disdain such consciousness-expanding substances, because otherwise it was not possible to talk with God.

However, about half a century ago, hallucinogenic mushrooms became the cause of public discord: the government hung a “taboo” sign on them, although their use is ten times safer than alcohol, caffeine, sugar and other substances allowed in modern society.

Effects of taking mushrooms

Often “magic” mushrooms are compared to LSD because of the colorful thoughts and deep psychedelic experience that a person experiences during a trip. However, the difference is significant. LSD makes you contact with the world: look at objects, walk, communicate, admire and share experiences. The effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms is more inward. A person enters a new dimension of his own thoughts, discovers previously unknown layers of his consciousness, which give him a fresh mystical experience and a view of the World. This is the way of knowing the creative beginning, the search for inspiration and a component of self-understanding. Often, after taking mushrooms, people become calmer, kinder, less obsessed with personal experiences, feeling a connection with the World and other living beings.

Misconceptions about “magic” mushrooms

  • They are addictive. No, they don’t. It is much more dangerous to take sedatives or painkillers prescribed by a doctor. All psychedelics induce a huge tolerance, which is another reason why it’s impossible to get addicted to them. In order to feel at least half the effect after one average trip, you will have to eat about three times more mushrooms or wait at least two weeks. In a good way, you need to prepare for mushrooms: take a day off, get a good night’s sleep, do not eat heavy food during the day, and eat nothing at all for 5-6 hours. All the following days will be devoted to understanding and integrating the experience gained, so it’s better not to plan anything for this day either.
  • Psychedelics are for everyone. Those people who have mental illness, even in remission, are not recommended to use psychedelic “magic” mushrooms. It would also not be a good idea to try them if the person is diagnosed with clinical depression. In some countries, psilocybin is used to treat mental disorders, but only under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Growing mushrooms is difficult. Another misconception. The most common type of mushroom for home cultivation is Psylocibe Cubensis. These are unpretentious mushrooms that love almost any substrate with an excellent thirst for life. It is much easier to grow a crowd of these mushrooms than a sativa bush, however, do not forget that often these actions are illegal.

Shop of hallucinogenic mushrooms in Ukraine Coffeeshop® does not encourage the cultivation and use of substances in those countries where it is prohibited. However, the acquisition of a mushroom cast does not apply to this prohibition, because there are simply no illegal compounds in it. It can play the role of a creative souvenir, stored as a gift to a friend with a good sense of humor.

To use or not to use is everyone’s business, but some features of psychedelic mushrooms cannot be silent. For example, they reduce alcohol cravings (maybe that’s why governments ban them?). Another significant plus is that psilocybin increases life satisfaction and makes existence itself more meaningful and interesting. And this is beyond the power of even the most elite bottle of whiskey.