Hemp cosmetics – Treat yourself to a new line!

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Hemp cosmetics – with love for nature

Our entire cosmetic line is designed to suit all skin types. Thus, both women and men and children can treat themselves to her. Cosmetics are completely natural, without petroleum products, which is also guaranteed by its international certification. Now you can enjoy nature with our shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, lip balm and hemp and tea tree oil.

Hemp certified cosmeticsPobalujte Sebya Novoy Liney

The certificate guarantees that the product meets the specified conditions. For example, cosmetics must not contain petroleum products such as petroleum jelly or paraffin, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, genetically modified raw materials, and others. One of the conditions is also that the starting substance and the resulting product are not tested on animals.

Hemp shower gel

This is a soft, non-drying, pleasantly scented shower gel with 5% hemp oil, D-panthenol and olive oil. The gel creates a dense foam, removes dirt and odors, but does not dry out the skin. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin, as well as for children.

Hemp shampoo

Unique hemp shampoo moisturizes your hair, making it smooth and supple. Your skin does not become oily. The shampoo forms a thin dense lather, removes dirt and odors, but leaves useful ingredients. Suitable for any type of hair.

Hemp body milk

Hemp body milk contains hemp oil, D-panthenol, shea butter and vitamin E. The body milk spreads easily and has a pleasant fresh smell and soothing effect. Thanks to this, your skin will always be in great shape!

Konoplianyi Gel Dlia DushaKonoplianyi ShampooKonoplianoe Molochko Dlia Kozhy

Hemp lip balm

Hemp lip balm with hemp oil and D-panthenol, beta-carotene for use throughout the year – at sea or on the ski slope. The moisturizing and regenerating balm smells great and is dermatologically tested.

Konoplianyi Balsam Dlia Lip

Maslo Konopli I Chaynogo Tree

Hemp and tea tree oil

Hemp and tea tree oil has an antiseptic and regenerative effect on the skin. The protective and regenerative power of pure hemp oil with 20% Australian tea tree oil brings together a product that combines the benefits of exceptional natural gifts. The oil does not contain synthetic fragrances and is dermatologically tested.

Instructions for using hemp cosmetics

It’s quite simple – after a hard day, take a hot shower, just pamper yourself with hemp shower gel, take care of your hair with hemp shampoo, and then smear your body with hemp body milk. Apply lip balm every morning, and if you still have mosquito bites from summer, don’t forget to anoint them with hemp and tea tree oil.