Hemp house. Practical?

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Hemp in construction can be used both as a building material and as a heat-insulating material. Hemp is a versatile plant. You can eat it, you can wear it, you can build a house out of it… The inner wood core of the hemp stalk is called – KOSTRA – forms a non-toxic, carbon-negative and energy-efficient material.

The fire is most widely used for the construction of private houses and cottages with a wooden frame. It is also used as insulation and sound insulation: floors, walls, roofs.
Here are the main advantages of using campfires in building houses:
– Increased stability. The indicator of resistance to external influences of such houses is several times higher than the corresponding indicator of traditional buildings. The frame (for example, wooden), recessed in hemp insulation, turns to stone over the years due to the lack of high humidity, it will never rot.
– Low cost. It is much cheaper to build a house from hemp than, for example, from brick or concrete;
– Biological activity of the material. The unique properties of the plant have a healing effect on the human body and a depressing effect on representatives of all classes of fungi and insects.
-Increased heat resistance – another property of hemp that allows you to maintain a higher level of relative temperature constancy with periodically changing heat inputs, so you save money on heating and cooling your home all year round.
The walls in hemp houses are vapor-permeable, so there is no need to install ventilation systems. The hygroscopicity of the fire helps to absorb and then release excess moisture.

Thus, building houses from hemp is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and healthy.
In the photo – houses that are already being built from hemp in different parts of our planet!