6 prejudices about cannabis

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Do you still have hemp prejudices or any questions about using hemp products? We have selected 6 of the most common questions you may have.

1. What is the difference between industrial hemp and “marijuana”? How not to confuse?

The main difference lies in the amount of the psychoactive substance THC. The same Cannabis Sativa/Indica plant. Industrial hemp is a specially grown and registered variety of hemp that meets the standards for general cultivation. It is a mixture of Sativa and Indica strains, which also produce other industrial hemp varieties with THC content up to 0.2%, such as Fedora, Finola, Ferimon and others.

While “marijuana” is the common name for higher THC cannabis, there are also several varieties that are grown for this purpose. These varieties are illegal and you “unfortunately” will not find them on our shelves 🙂

2. Can I drive a motor vehicle with technical hemp?

Yes, you can. Seeds, protein, hemp oil, flour and other products do not contain the active ingredient THC. In addition, THC is found only in the flowers of the plant.

Hemp tea and CBD oil from the extract have a THC content of 0.2%, which is not a psychoactive amount. As a percentage, to feel the effect of THC, the variety should be from 20-60% THC. This is for comparison.

Even if you are an athlete, police officer, military member, etc. who get tested for drugs from time to time, you can choose CBD oil, preferably with 0% THC – crystalline. After prolonged use, the remaining mixture can be poured / thrown away.

3. Can I grow cannabis at home?

Yes, in Europe you can. Technical hemp can be grown without restrictions, if you want to grow it on a large scale (a whole field, etc..), then you must inform the customs office about the varieties and the size of the cultivated areas.

You can also use hemp with a higher THC content. Up to 5 of these flowers per person is a misdemeanor, more than 5 is a criminal offense. How well do you know your neighbors..? 🙂

4. I grow at home, what should I do with it?

Ideally dry. You can also use the leaves and flowers for tea, make an ointment (you need to boil it in coconut oil / shea butter at 80-120* C and strain). Don’t tell your neighbors 🙂

5. Will cannabis help me? What specifically?

Ideally, a combination of several products will help. Each person is unique and can choose what suits him best. In addition, hemp helps the most when using the several substances it contains. Each product is unique in its composition and effect, each of which carries different information. To get started, start with hemp tea and CBD oil before bed to start the body’s healing and recovery process. Add hemp seeds, CBD salve, or hemp oil to your diet. For more active people and weakened people, include hemp protein in your diet.

6. Can children, pregnant and lactating mothers consume cannabis products?

Yes Yes Yes. Hemp products are not psychoactive, on the contrary, they have a calming effect. I think every mom will appreciate it :-). Our employees have experienced it themselves at all these stages of pregnancy. Children and mothers need good nutrition for growth and regeneration, this product definitely contributes to this. Quality products are offered that include proteins, omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins, terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids that help immunity and brain development.