Planting hemp seeds

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One of the beauties of growing is that every new experience of planting sprouted marijuana seeds is as breathtaking as the first time. It is difficult to imagine a more pleasant feeling than to see how small seeds, which only yesterday resembled part of the landscape, today have taken root and are ready to start their journey into the world of happy cannabis cultivation. In this article, Coffeeshop® decided to explain the main points of outdoor and indoor cannabis planting, so that every big harvest lover will rejoice in a bountiful and well-deserved harvest.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Once you have acquired cannabis seeds, there are two ways to go:

  1. Put the seeds in a glass of tap water and leave for half an hour to allow them to absorb moisture.

  2. Start sprouting right away.

The first path guarantees accelerated germination, but can injure too “capricious” varieties. If you are sprouting an unpretentious beginner strain, then you should not worry – such varieties are created resistant and can survive many troubles. If you have any doubts, please contact our managers. Attentive Coffeeshop® staff will help you choose not only an excellent variety, but also everything for growing marijuana at home.

Tips for Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

  • Use cotton pads, cellulose wipes without dyes. You can take a sponge. Its porous structure guarantees excellent aeration. But be prepared to remove the sinuous spine from the sponge very carefully.

  • Maintain hygiene. Seeds can only be touched with tweezers.

  • Follow the temperature regime. Cannabis germinates well in a warm place (24 to 28 °C) without direct exposure to sunlight. It is better to remove the seeds from the windowsill and cover with a dark lid with air holes.

When to plant seeds in the ground

Particularly vigorous varieties are ready for placement in the ground or substrate in 24-48 hours. Also, the timing of planting hemp up to 4-5 days is considered normal. If during this time the root does not appear, most likely, you will have to open the seed – file the edge, place it in a humid environment and hope for the best.

How to plant germinated cannabis seeds

You must make sure that the seed has a root. If the seed is delayed, then a sufficient condition for planting cannabis in the coco subtract or soil will be the appearance of a crack in the shell, from which a whitish shoot has appeared. Remember not to keep the seeds in the germination stage for too long. When a seed drops its helmet but is still in a moist environment, it begins to rot. And it is best to transplant plants in the evening or at night.

Next – you need starter pots. Later they can be placed in the ground without injuring the plant. Fill them with earth or substrate, without tamping, water and make a hole a quarter of an inch deep. Place the seed in it with the root down and lightly sprinkle with earth. It is now possible to send the plant to a growing tent with low-power lighting, such as ESL. For the first watering, distilled water at room temperature is suitable. Use a soft spray or syringe.

Life hacks from Coffeeshop® for growing marijuana outside

Is it time to plant cannabis outdoors? So, it’s time to hear about the tricks of growing cannabis in the open:

  • Plant seedlings after at least 4-6 leaves appear on the plant.

  • Choose an area with good lighting, especially for sativa dominant strains.

  • Prefer low-lying areas to protect seedlings from frost.

  • Plant either in a hole with purchased soil poured into it, or immediately in growbags. The second option is preferable, because the roots will be able to grow through micro-holes, and insects and even moles will not gnaw through the bag and will not harm the sprout.

We do not call for the cultivation of prohibited plants in the territory of those countries where it is prosecuted by law. However, we at Coffeeshop® believe that one day a glimpse of a free mindset will take root in every culture, and it will be easier for people to choose to naturally relax their mind and body, which means planting cannabis outdoors without hesitation. So far, our articles are for informational purposes only. You can buy marijuana, cannabis, hemp seeds in Ukraine as an exclusive souvenir with delivery anywhere in the world.