Young hemp is the queen among green products

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We all know young barley, chlorella, spirulina, but few people know young hemp. This is a novelty that surpasses the green food you know. How? What is so unique about her?

Young hemp vs chlorella, young barley, spirulina

  • contains more chlorophyll
  • has more fibers
  • origin and production are in the Czech Republic (young barley is brought mainly from the USA, chlorella – from China or Taiwan)
  • in addition, it contains CBDa – cannabinic acid

Young hemp – how to produce?

Young cannabis (Cannabis Sativa) is harvested at a time when the plant has not yet begun to bloom. After that, it is dried at low temperatures, cut, ground and filtered to a fine powder. It contains leaves and a young stem without seeds or flowers.

Composition of young hemp powder:

Young hemp contains chlorophyll, hemp terpenes, essential oil and vitamins. Cannabinoids are represented to a lesser extent, in most CBD and CBD. Other cannabinoids are below the limits of measurability.

Color and taste of young cannabis

Cannadorra Young Hemp

The taste is pronounced and sweet, thanks to hemp terpenes and chlorophyll. The color is bright light green.

Young cannabis can be used in smoothies, fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Also suitable for yoghurt, muesli, cereals…

Or just stir in water and drink.

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When is the right time to start using young cannabis?

  • to support immunity
  • to recuperate
  • during detox and body cleansing
  • to improve digestion
  • to get vitamins in winter